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Do guys like it when girls pull their hair during sex?

My guy friend and I were just hanging out and for some reason we came on the topic of what guys like girls to do during sex (I'm still a virgin so I don't really know what a girl would like the guy to do so...) and he said he loves it when his girlfriend pulls his hair (his hair's long, it's like two inches from his shoulders). When I asked him why, doesn't it hurt, he said no, that he loves it. And since then it' been on my mind. Guys, do you like when your girlfriend/wife/etc. pulls your hair during sex? I'd imagine that would hurt.. ._.

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    I like the look of pain and pleasure on her face as I mercilessly pound her pussy for hours and hours.

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    It's difficult to feel pain during sex because your mind is so overrun with endorphins. Pain just increases the pleasure (depending on the pain). Sharp pain is nice, like spanking and hair-pulling. He probably likes it because it means that his girlfriend is REALLY into it and REALLY wants him to the point of such intensity.

  • I'm a virgin and such so I don't know from first hand experiance but when me and my boyfriend kiss and stuff sometimes I lightly tug on his hair, I don't pull it really hard or anything because that would hurt but just lightly pulling feels good.;_ylt=ArSM4...

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