how did atari/ralph baer change home gaming?

what was Ataris or the creator Nolan Bushnell and Ralph Baer's role in home video gaming

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    Ralph Baer practically invented console gaming. The Brown Box was the first console, though never sold, and led to the creation of the Odyssey, the first marketed video game system. The system is a success and even has a cult following to this day. Also Pong was actually a copy of ping pong on the Odyssey.

    Nolan Bushnell was the founder of Atari. He has earned several awards for his contributions to gaming.

    Atari itself has a very interesting role in gaming history.

    When Atari came onto the scene in the early 70's gaming was still in it's infancy and was the standard name in gaming by the 80's. The overwhelming success of the Atari (due in large part to the excellent games released for the systems) made video games seem like the way of the future, until E.T.

    In an era where games were always good the movie licensing formula was a no-brainer. Unfortunately it worked a little too well. E.T. was such a disastrous mess of a game that retailers actually reported more copies of the game returned than were purchased and the industry suffered it's first truly bad (ironically also first movie licensed) game and suddenly people were not so quick to buy video games.

    As a result retailers were less likely to take a chance on a new video game system and when Nintendo was trying to get into the North American market they met heavy resistance. It got so bad that they created a robot (named R.O.B.B.) and marketed the NES as an interactive toy rather than a video game system. Which is why no games other than Gyromite ever used R.O.B.B.

    So there you have a short version. Do a little research and you will find a much more detailed and actually very interesting story in all this.

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