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Bruce asked in SportsOutdoor RecreationFishing · 9 years ago

When fishngame wardens check for your license, what are they required to say?

I remember this one time a warden came to check on me, flashed the lisense at his face and that cut the smirk he had.

Allthough, there was 1 person fishing next to me with 3 rods at a time, he "carded" his lisense too. He WAS fishing alone. And unless I'm mistaken, there is no 3rd rod stamp. Is he alloted to have 3 setup lines in the water? I really doubt it...

He didin't ask them even for a 2nd rod stamp. Why was he so intent on bugging me when I was fine... And the other dude had more than his alloted setups by law? Tch

Any ideas? Thanks


ha ha hah. very funny GMB. This dude did not like me from the get go. He had a stupid grin on his face like he was gonna get his damn chrstmas bonus check. Look, I have nothing against them. Some of them just let the power go to their heads and it annoys me, because unlike andee says they can do anything they want with autority sometimes even beyond a cop's. I also wouldent know about the 2nd rod "validation" I just know you need something special to carry 2 rods and have them in the water. I never needed one becuase so far I only carry 1 setip. He did not check his lisense, only "Asked" about it. and took his word for it. so how could he know he had proper right to 2 rods. Besides he had 3. I am pretty sure he was alone, but maybe I was mistaken. I wasent 10 ft away from him. I had to have at least some distance it's all in the metaphorical "Anglers code" anyway. Yes, maybe I was wrong and I judged him far too soon, if so I regret my words. He may

Update 2:

have encountered the warden at some point earlier. I had been switching spots around nearly all day. So I wasent there the whole time.

Update 3:

Andee dude, calm down. when I say this, I mean ANY law enforcer can and very likely will let the power get to their heads. This applies to wardens and cops and FBI and SWAT and all that other damn agency crap. Your father does NOT nessesarily have to be one of them. But I am nearly certain that the game warden I encountered was. BUT I could very well be wrong

Who knows?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Y'know... I was actually starting to like fisherman andee... 'til I saw this answer from him. I dunno how New York cops work, but here in California, a game warden has more authority than CHP, local county sheriff, city cops, etc. etc. etc. andee's daddy is highly mistaken if he thinks wardens are just "wanna-be cops of the outdoors". Wardens do more work for the state than a go**amn cop does. Notice the difference.... New York State Game Warden, New York City Police... state is bigger than city, right? I'm offended by andee's ex-PIG daddy... I'd love to kick him square right in the junk. But I wouldn't do it, 'cause that would be assault. And if I did kick and make contact with 'im, it would be assault-and-battery, and I know how cops can be when one of their piggy friends gets hurt or embarrassed... so yeah, sorry andee, you're on my shitlist again.

    Anyway... do you have PROOF the other guy was fishing alone, Bruce? Are you SURE the warden didn't encounter the other guy somewhere else and already asked for his license? I know you live in California like I do Bruce... and I know you know there is no such thing as a Second Rod Stamp. It's a Secod Rod Validation printed on the license...

    Maybe he "picked on you" 'cause you shoved your license in his face like an ignorant asshole, perhaps?

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  • 9 years ago

    fisherman andee above is blowing smoke out of his ***. Here in NY, ENCON (state department of environmental conservation) officers (we do not have game wardens in NY) have some of the most widespread law enforcement authority in the state, with search and seizure abilities outreaching even the State Police. They are commissioned police officers who have the ability to enforce all laws including V&T law (which means they can stop you and issue traffic tickets, though most won't be bothered) as well as environmental laws. They should be treated the same as any police and have the right to ask for ID and permits for whatever outdoor activity you may be engaged in (ie: fishing hunting, trapping, etc) as well as arrest or issue summons for violations, State Forest Rangers have more limited abilities due to the fact that they are peace officers not police officers but still can demand the same if you are engaged in fishing, hunting etc. As far as why the officer that approached you asked for certain things of somebody fishing near you or did not, that is just an example of police discretion, he can choose to enforce or not to enforce regulation under certain circumstances presented to him at that time.

    Source(s): Avid fisherman, hunter and law enforcement member and nephew of both a State ENCON officer and Forest Ranger
  • Andrew
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    9 years ago

    Well I asked my dad.... He is a retired nypd.... He didnt give me a direct answer but he said

    Game wardens are just wanna be cops of the outdoors...they dont have to say anything unless its a crime in which a perpetraitor is carrying a firearm in which case there miranda rights may be necassary however he does not know 20 years on the job he never delt with game wardens especially in new york city.

    Edit; screw it I just wrote a long edit explaining how that came off the wrong way. Im just gonna sum it up and hope my internet doesnt go out again. Anyway i never met a game warden so that was wrong to say, my dad is not a attention seeker along with all of nypd well most I mean I think he did more then most game wardens i cant even describe the stories he has such.....I will never go on a train again, and firemen are the people I meant to say..... I dont care if theres any firemen here.... You dont deserve the attention you get compared to other people.

    Edit: Your saying a game warden does more then cops is a very general statement. Cops have harder jobs and game wardens have funner jobs I mean if your a outdoors person. I disagree with that statment. When you have a emergency like a bank getting robbed are you calling 911 or game wardens

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