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Is taking AP English, AP Calculus, and AP Psychology all in the same year manageable?

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    AP Lang. or Lit is all about reading and writing. If you can read and interpret well, then this class will be a breeze for you.

    AP Calculus is all about, well, math. If you're really good at math, then this class will be one of your easier classes. I like to think of math as a "skill-based" class, in which the ease of the class is determined by how much skill you have, rather than how much work you put in (like in a history class, where you memorize all sorts of stuff).

    AP Psychology is just memorizing concepts, theories, and lots of vocab. There's really nothing else to it. Learn the vocabulary, apply it to a situation. Should be easy if you're taking all those AP classes. :)

    In short, as long as you know you're not overstepping your limits, those are definitely manageable. Good luck next year!

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