Broken Forearm? :(? DOCTORS? NURSES? ANYONE?

So I was moving around and hit my arm on a wall now my arm is swollen, bruised, pain not too bad. Tenderness and a lot of bumps in the middle of the two arm bones. Is it broken? REAL ANSWERS NOT LIKE YOUR AN IDIOT OR SOMETHINGS! K THANKS! HURTS ON WHAT WAY I PUT MY ARM SOMETIMES ALSO. HURRY

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  • 8 years ago
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    You may have a hairline fracture. Or it may be a bruised bone. A bone bruise is quite painful and can last a while, several months or even a year. Ice the area with an ice pack or pack of frozen peas for twenty minutes at a time, a few times a day.

    Take an appropriate over-the-counter pain medication if necessary to cope with discomfort and pain in daily activities. Follow the directions and recommendations listed on the bottle.

    Rest as much as possible. Take it easy and avoid exercise, sports and contact as much as you can. Rest is the most important part of recovery.

    If you think you have a fracture you really should get it seen.

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