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How does it feel to be at Niagara falls?

I really want to go to Niagara falls but i need to know how it feels.

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    There are two falls. The American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls. The Horseshoe Falls are the most famous ones you see in most pictures and they run from the Canadian side across to the American side. I think being on the Canadian side is better. You can look directly across to the American Falls. They are pretty. If you stay in Clifton Hill and walk up towards the falls you will see the American ones first and you will marvel over them. You need to keep walking. You will start to hear a massive roar. Then you will start the feel a slight mist in the air. Then you will see the horseshoe Falls and you will think WOW! On the Canadian side there are great big promenades and you can stand right up at the top of the Falls where the water drops over. It is incredible to stand and see all the water just tumbling over. And the power! It incredible. Be careful though: first, it can be very soothing and hypnotizing if you watch it for too long. Second, there are pickpockets and purse snatchers as you look over the Falls. If you can read the story on the Internet about Roger Woodward who went over the falls as a boy and survived! And do a search for the "barges of Niagara Falls.". It will make it more interesting to read these stories first.

    You can take a tour to walk under the falls, and the boat that goes up to the falls. Both are great but the boat is better. Clifton Hill is an area just down from the falls where all the hotels, restaurants and amusements are located. It's a tacky amusement area. It's done up nicely and it's a lot of fun. You'll have a fun time.

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    If you've never been to a good-sized waterfall, I'd really recommend a visit because it's quite accessible and has other stuff to do and see to make your journey worthwhile. You are able to stand at the sidewalk railing just at the point where the horseshoe falls go over the edge and feel the power and the thundering sound as you watch the hypnotic sight of tons of water going by.

    There are certainly more spectacular and superlative falls around the globe but you normally can't step out of your cab and walk a few meters to the edge, snap a few pictures and be on your way. The main horseshoe falls are on the Canadian side, if you didn't know, and you get the better views and attractions from that side as well.

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    It's really quite beautiful. I'm not one for being a tourist, but the tourist attractions are actually really great. Try going up in the Skylon Tower, (if you're okay with heights) the observation deck is open-air and about 300 feet in the air. It's an amazing experience.

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    It's loud. Very, VERY loud!!!!!!!!!!

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    go yourself lots to see and do museums,fun houses,the falls,casinos,water parks,mini golf and more.


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