i have a collection of old blues records how do i sell them?

my grandfather was a jazz musician and collected many old blues record after passing recently.Now they are in the storage room taking up space and i would like to know how could i get the proper value of them although the memories are there i would still like to free up some space.they are in good condition and barely been used from the looks of it.If anyone know someone who might be interested in buying them or looking at the please help me out. 132 I have a list of some of them:

1.Stix Hooper-The World Within

2.Crusaders-Street Life 300 S.

3.Ronnie Laws-Every Generation

4.Buddy Morrow and his orchestra-Night Train

5.Maze-Featuring Frankie Beverly

6.Stax Memphis Gold Volume Two

•Otis Redding

•Carla Thomas

•Sam & Dave

•Booker T & The MG’S

•The Bar-Kays

•Eddie Floyd

•Otis & Carla

•William Bell

•Albert King

•Johnnie Taylor

•Mable John

7Teddy Pendergrass-This One’s For you

8.Johnny Hammond-Higher Ground

9.George Benson-Weekend in L.A

10.The Best Of Jimmy Reed

11.Jimmy Reed-Is Back

12.Dave Valentin-Land of The Third Eye

13. The Politician-Featuring McKinley Jackson

14.The O’Jay’s-Family Reunion

15.Peabo Bryson-Paradise

16.(Saxy Jazz)Bill Black and His combo

17.The Best of Horace Silver

18.Earth Wind Fire

19.Herbie Hancock-Thrust

20.Super Funk-Funk Inc.

21.Mandrill-Composite Truth


23.B.B King-“Now Appearing” at Ole Miss

24.King Curtis-Live at Fillmore west

25.Gladys Knight & The Pips

26.Tyrone Davis-Let’s Be Closer…Together

27.Aretha Franklin-Aretha’s Gold

28.Charles Earl-The Lighthouse

29.George Benson-In Flight

30.The Stereophonic Sound of Count Basie

31.Eddie Harris-That is Why you’re Overweight

32.Big Boss Mann-Herbie Mann

33.The chi-lites-A Lonely Man

34.The Best Of Little Richard

35.Johnny Taylor-Super Taylor


37.Earth Wind fire-Touch The World

38.Curtis Mayfield-Love Is the Place

39.Anita Ward-Songs of Love

40.Gene Chandler-Does She Have Friend

41.B.B King In London


43.The Best Of Jerry Butler

44.Rufus Featuring chaka Khan-Rufusized

45.The Stables-Unlock Your Mind

46.Con Funk Shun-Loveshine

47.Jerry McGriff-Tailgunner

48.Johnnie Taylor-She’s Killing Me/Little Dancin Queen/Play Something Pretty/The Users/Love Account

49.Beau Williams

50.Beau Williams-stay With Me

51.Tower of Power-In the Slot

52.Bill Withers-Making friends

53.Bert Kaempfertmand his Orchestra

54.War-Deliver The Word

55.The Super Hits Volume Two

56.Midnight star-Headlines

57.Marvin Gaye-Midnight Love

58.Jack McDuff-sophisticated Funk

59.James Last Band Seduction

60.Jackson 5-Christmas Album

61.The Best of Arthur Prysock

62.Johnnie Taylor-Ever ready

63.Stephanie Mills-Whatcha Gonna Do

64.Al Green-Have a Good Time-Man Child

65.Margie Joseph-Knockout

66.Herbie Hancock-Man-child


68.Johnnie Taylor-Rated Extraordinaire

69.Michael Henderson-In the Nighttime

70.Donald Byrd-AND 125th Street,N.Y.C

71.Sammy Relford-Night Person

72.Millie Jackson-Still Caught up

73.Herbie Hancock-Sunlight

74.Stable Singers-Be What You Are

75.L.T.D-Love to the World

76.Spinners-Happiness is Being With The Spinners

77.Floaters-hit single Float On


79.Rose Royce-In Full Bloom

80.Junior Parker-Honey-Drippin’ Blues

81.Earl Mosley

82.Natalie Cole-Inseparable

83.Rodney Franklin

84.KC and the Sunshine Band

85.Funk Inc.-Hanging Out

86.Groove Holmes-Hunk-a-Funk

87.Albert Collins-Don’t Loose Your Cool

88.Teddy Pendergrass-Life Is A Song Worth Singing

89.Stanley Turrentine Cherry with Milt Jackson

90.Grover Washington,Jr.-Feels So Good

91.Jimmy Smith-Lost in Loveliness>You Got To My Head

92.Grover Washington-Inside move

93.Wilton Felder-Inherit the Wind

94.Lou Rawls Live

95.Jack Mcduff-Goodnight,Its time To go

96.Jimmy Smith-Its Necessary

97.Grover Washington-Inner city Blues

98.Grover Washington-Come Morning

99.Boots Randolph

100. Chuck Martin and The Zydeco Blaze Band

101. Down Home Blues 2 Sets

102. The Temptations-Gettng Ready

103. Stanley Clarke-If This Bass Could Only Talk

104. Maze featuring Frankie Beverly-Silky Soul

105. War-All Day music

106. Grover Washington,Jr.-Mister Magic

107. James Brown-Everybody Doing the Hustle and dead On The Double Bump

108. Leon Spencer Jr-Sneak Preview

109. Leon spencer Jr.-Bad Walking Woman

110. Wilson Pickett’s Greatest Hits

111. Melvin Sparks-Spark Plug

112. Lee Oskar

113. Booker T & The MG’S Greatest Hits

114. Jimmy Smith-Groove drops

115. Jimmy Smith-The Sermon

116. Love And Happiness Album Number 1

117. Love And Happiness Album Number 2

118. Bossy white-Just another Way to say I Love you

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  • Martin
    Lv 7
    8 years ago
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    Actually, you have very little blues listed. What you have is primarily jazz, R&B, and soul. Records are graded according to one of several standard scales to determine value, Goldmine's being the most respected. Although they may appear to be in great shape, that can be misleading. Some records look awful but actually play fairly clean, while others can look great and sound terrible. If you don't have the time, equipment, or knowledge to grade them aurally, you can still grade them visually according to an accepted standard, but you will always get less for visually graded vinyl. Nothing you listed seems to be of any great value, I would suspect the best you'll do is 5-15 dollars apiece. Your best bet may be to take them to a local record store that deals in used vinyl and see what they offer-never take their first offer, bargain. You will always get more in trade, if that interests you.

    Source(s): self-have bought, sold, and owned 10s of thousands of records in the last 40 years.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Put the Groove Holmes, Jimmy Smith, Junior Parker, King Curtis, and Herbie Hancock records on eBay and I will buy them.

    eBay is a fantastic place to sell records.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    What Miles said, plus the Jack McDuff.

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  • 8 years ago

    holy ****, you grandad was clearly a legend, take this list to a vinyl store they usually sell second hand so they probably would be able to give you an estimate if you ask but make sure your asking for what i should sell them for not what they would buy them, because they might try n rip you off. and then give them to me :P

  • Lucy
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    74.Stable Singers-Be What You Are

    I'd buy that one if I had farm animals with identity issues.


    The fastest and easiest way to get rid of them would be to sell the whole lot for a lump sum, just use some discernment in who you deal with of course, and maybe cherry pick a few to keep first, I know I would.

  • 8 years ago

    I doubt you will get more than a few bucks a piece. For any of these.All this music can be found on the Web.

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