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Jitters for no reason! Wtf? Help?

My hands are shaking pretty good and generally my body shivers. It's like 80-90 degrees so I'm not cold... Haven't drank any coffee... What's going on?! I get this all the time!!! Do I have some kind of neurological disease??

I also twitch alot... Mostly my eye lid and legs...

15 if it matters...

I think I have social anxiety, but it doesn't matter cause I'm with people I'm comfortable with.

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    Check out "essential tremors" and see if that applies to you. My best friend in high school had it. See a doctor about the twitching.

    If you're self-conscious about the shaking and whatnot, it may make you feel socially anxious. It becomes very difficult to put cause and effect into their legitimate places. I was taking a medication a few years ago that made me blush when I got a tiny bit anxious and this often happened in social situations that led me to blush even more and it led to sweating and a whole suite of uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms. There was def a social component but it was not clinical social anxiety. It was an anxiety attack triggered by a physiological effect.

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