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How did you achieve the dream of owning a horse?

Horses are my entire focus in life but I've never been able to afford one and have always worked for lessons. I am really good with horses on the ground (I have worked at barns since I was 12) but never really a brilliant rider. (im 17) And right now my confidence is lacking terribly. i got a good paying job at a barn and I decided to look at a horse I wanted to try and 1/4lease for the first time and found out he was a bit too advanced for meBby falling off when he spooked.

Horse lovers, have you ever been in a situation like this when you where young? And how did you achieve your dream of owning a horse?

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    I achieved my dream after I graduated college and had a decent paying job. I always wanted a horse, but I knew I just needed to tough it out until I was out of school and could afford one. Thankfully, I had really good connections, so I was about to find the perfect guy for me for free and board him where I work. He came with baggage, but I really enjoy putting in the extra work and seeing him grow. Thankfully, it's stuff I can handle as long as I have someone there helping me out every once in a while. He has come a LONG way and is improving with each ride. I'd rather learn with the horse than get a perfectly schooled, push button one. It really helps my confidence since I have issues just like you.

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    I'm in a similar position as you. I've never owned or leased a horse but I have made some changes in my lifestyle to provide the occasional extra experience with them.

    For one, I am shortly moving barns for various reasons. I feel like I do not get the attention I deserve and I am paying for (I ride once a week there) when people who are shelling out cash are getting the better quality lessons and instructions. I also think my trainer isn't doing her job very well. Right now I pay $40 USD per 1/2 hour private lesson. Now, I am choosing a new barn, and I have seen a barn with 1.5 hour lessons for nearly half of the $40 at $28. These lessons are 1/2 hour grooming/tacking and 1 hour riding. I think it is so much of a better idea than $40 for a half hour lesson.

    Then, I got a weekend job (Full time school :)) that pays $17-$27 an hour. By working for a few hours every weekend, I made almost $800 last year, which I can use to supplement lessons or maybe get a lease.

    I have gotten a job at the barn too. That can save so much money on boarding, leasing or like you, lessons. The better of a job you do, the more likely that they'll hire you more often! :)

    I have yet to see a horse in my future, living in an urban area there is hardly any barns that have board lower than $700. Add to that all the costs of owning, I'd be in debt thousands of dollars before I finish school! Lol

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    I achieved my dream due to the help of a friend who had horses, and promised to help me out if i needed it. It was a struggle to begin with, and although i can now see loaning first would have been a good idea, i don't regret it at all. It certainly takes some responsibility though, and there is a huge difference between owning your own horse and just going for riding lessons, but it is the best thing ever to have such a connection with your own horse.

    I never really found a horse was too advanced for me (ok that sounds totally stuck up, but i didn't try any out that were too crazy!), but at previous riding stable i did once have a lesson on a horse that i felt totally out of my depth with. But you just have to accept that you are just not quite that good... yet!

    I hope you find the perfect horse and achieve your dream too!

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    I got my first pony when I was 2 because that's all I talked about. My daughter is sort of in your shoes although she does have two horses of her own.

    She had a large pony who totally destroyed her confidence. That horse would buck SO hard every time Juliee would ride her. She was fine when I rode her .. never even balked. Now the girl who used to ride anything (including warming up my barrel horses) will barely ride.

    Make sure you find a horse suitable for your level of riding. Be honest with yourself and the sellers about your lack of confidence and skills. There is no shame in that .. everyone had to learn at some point.

    Good luck. I hope you find the horse of your dreams.

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    I've never owner my own, I've always loaned/leased. As far as I'm concerned, even having the opportunity to loan/lease is half way to fulfilling my dream. When I was younger, I use to save up for lessons, then I ended up leasing afterwards, in which I had to do duties in return to lease - which meant countless hours of looking after 7/8 horses' by myself, staying at the yard extremely late.

    I now lease a gorgeous rising 3 year old, registered Irish sport horse. I'm on the track of my dream, I'm breaking her in myself, and she may possibly be signed over to me if I have her long enough :)

    This is her :)


    However, I've always been in the situations where I've had to work so hard just to even get a little piece of the horsey life. It really does pay off in the end! And as for your confidence, I was nearly killed which knocked me down so much. But you just have to keep at it, keep thinking positive, keep riding and keep practicing, it will go from strength to strength in its own time!

    Good luck!

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    Well, I had loved horses since I was like 6, and took lessons from that age. My family isn't poor really, but we aren't really well off either. When I was 13, my parents finally got me a horse. I guess they saw how into it I am. Riding so many different horses when I was young definitely helped me though!

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    I've been riding since I was in kindy, and absolutely LOVED horses, but my parents wouldn't let me get one, even when my instructor told them i needed one, they wouldn't even let me put posters up on my wall (it's tacky apparently) :(. They moved me from riding school to riding school to riding school, and then eventually stopped me because it was too hard for them to drive me. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... I live on a farm, so it would be as easy as pie for me to own a horse, but they never let me. They said i could save up for a horse, so i did, and my grandparents helped me. Horses are my life, they’re practically the only thing that gets me through a tough day. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

    Halfway through last year, i was diagnosed with anorexia, when i was 13. In November, i was admitted to hospital. One day, just before my birthday, my dad called me up and told me he was going to put some fencing up for ‘animals with four legs’. The first thought that came into my mind was that we were getting horses, but we’d had this conversation so many times, and he’d never delivered, so i just said ‘oh, a dog run?’, and then he told me that we were getting horses! I was so happy, i was bawling my eyes out, my room mate thought i was a nut, and the nurses came around then for handover, and thought something was seriously wrong haha :)

    I have a younger sister, and she likes horses, because she has to do everything i do, isn’t that the way sisters work? Apparently.. :/ one of mum’s colleagues has horses, and she has a horse that she doesn’t ride anymore, and all she wants is for this horse to be happy, so we’ve got a sort of free lease arrangement. I was sent back to hospital in January, so it was put back a little, and he’s still in the paddocks in town, so we’re paying for his agistment. Dad’s goal these holidays is to build the stables. I’m very excited :D. My parents are happy to pay about $2000 on a horse for me, because they know I’ll never ever ever get sick of riding! :D hahaha, but im ‘still waiting’, it’s coming soon though :D

    Could you find a free lease option like i did? Or perhaps adoption? There’s lots of tack you can buy cheap and second hand, and i don’t know if you’re in Australia or not, but there is a very good wintec saddle that comes with stirrups and leathers and a girth, and is only $300? Maybe you could go halves with your parents, but now you’ve got a job, the pieces will all fall into place soon, don’t worry. Seeing as you work at a barn, could you offer to agisters to ride their horses, i don’t know.

    Hope everything goes really well for you :) xx

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    I started taking lessons when I was a kid and got a barn job when I was twelve. I worked off the lease on a horse for three years and a few weeks ago the owner of the horse surprised me by giving her to me. Now she's mine :)

    Happiest day of my life!

    Answer mine?


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    Patience. If you're willing, determined, and it is meant to be and in God's plan, you will get your horse eventually. Just don't lose faith, keep up the work and keep working on becoming a better rider.

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    I am in EXACTLY the same postition as you.

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