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Which fragrance to get?

Hi, I was thinking between the DKNY be delicious perfume, or the abercrombie Fierce cologne. I always think that the abercrombie store smells soooo good, but I don't want to get the fierce cologne if it would be too wierd on a girl. Does anyone know any female equivalents of Fierce? ps i tried the abercrombie 8 perfume, and I hated it. Any other perfume suggestions would be welcome.

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    Victoria's secret has some really nice smelling body mist, I really love them. I have PINK with a splash Pretty And Pure, Secret Crush (watery fruits and fresh lily) I love that one. I thing the other one is Juice Berry with is also very good. It reminds me of summer, I think it's wild strawberries and rAsberries, I can't remember. Both of the previous 2 are part of the Beauty Rush at Victoria's Secret. I recommend it!:)

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