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Do you know Gerard Way's email?

I am a really big fan of Gerard Way,And I would love to wright him a fan letter,But my parent's think he's "Emo" and wont let me send him fan-mail,So those anyone know his email so I can wright him something??

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    Anybody that tells you they know Gerard Way's email address would be lying (if they actually did know then they should know better not to spread it around). No members of MCR would post their email address in a public place, and even if they did they would get far too many emails to look throught them all. Why do your parents have to know if you send mail? You can buy your own stamp and post it yourself, can't you? I've been led to believe that MCR read all of the fanmail that they receive, but very rarely reply to it since they do not have time.

    Address it to:

    My Chemical Romance

    c/o Warner Bros. Records Inc.

    P.O. Box 6868

    Burbank, CA 91510

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