Yeast Infections home treatment?

okay so im young, but i have all the signes of a yeast infection. so this

has been going in maybe 3 days now, today it was itching i put cream on it doesnt itch, also im wearing cottton underwear and i feel so much better but i know that the infection is still there so does eating yogurt help treat it. pleAse dont say go to the doctor or go get some

medication.. just some home remidies, before the doctor and meds.. thanks(:

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    8 years ago
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    Hi Lizzie,

    I am sorry to hear about your infection but it is always good to get medical attention. However, you can take care of this infection on your own. It will require a trip to your local health food store and buy some items. Also you will need to change you diet for a limited time. Once you follow this, you will get rid of the infection and also candida ( yeast ) over-growth in your body:

    1. Choose cotton underwear and do not wear tight trousers (Moulds love warm, dark spaces with limited airflow).

    2. Avoid damp environments where airborne moulds are ever-present.

    3. Exercise everyday to relieve stress. Aerobic exercise is especially useful in treating candida as Candida and other fungi do not thrive in a high-oxygen environment. Also, fresh air and regular exercise have a positive effect on immunity.

    4. Cut all foods containing yeast including bread, pizza, crackers, pastries, muffins, mushrooms and ferments like soy sauce, cheese, tomato paste, beer and vinegar.

    5. Avoid refined carbohydrates as they are known to have a depressant effect on the immune system.

    6. Get organic coconut oil which cost about $5-7 dollars from a health food store and take 2 tablespoons of it every morning. It will help give relief from the inflammation caused by yeast (candida), externally and internally to your body.

    7. Get apple cider vinegar RAW. I would recommend the one from a company called Bragg's which is about $6 dollars. Take 2 tablespoons of it the moment you wake up from bed and before you go to sleep. It helps encourage the growth of healthy bacteria, which in turn minimizes the overgrowth of candida and balances your body's pH level.

    8. Eat lots of leafy Green Veg's every time you are hungry.

    9. Get probiotics supplement which cost about 20-30 dollars. Use as directed


    This will starve the candida and reduce you inflammation so the when you see the doctor on the 11th he will be able to help you recover more quickly. But please this will require effort on your part and since you did take action by seeking help I know you can do what i suggested above . I can tell you from personally experience that this WORKS because I have done this myself

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  • 3 years ago


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  • Kathy
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    4 years ago

    You can't really "treat" a yeast infection at home; you can help alleviate symptoms. Some medicated douches will help, AZO Yeast tablets provide some relief AND serve as a preventative. Taking a daily probiotic is always helpful if you are prone to yeast infections. For TREATING a yeast infection, you'll likely need something like Diflucan. Best of health to you! ~Namaste~

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  • Maria
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    4 years ago

    Hello, I'm on the second week and seeing definite improvement on my yeast infection symptoms:

    Note that: If the yeast infection doesn't respond to over the counter treatment, prescription medication will likely be necessary. Similarly, if the symptoms return after two months of being treated, you should contact the doctor for professional treatment rather than resorting again to home treatment.

    If this is the first time you have experienced a yeast infection, you should schedule an appointment to have the condition treated by a doctor instead of resorting to home treatment

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  • 8 years ago

    If you tell your mom maybe she can get you some cream at the store. But I know you are asking for home treatments. So, one I've heard of this is popular is to cover a tampon in plain yogurt and put it in for a couple hours. Personally, I have not tried this but it's supposed to kill the bacteria that cause a yeast infection. Hydrocortizone cream may be helpful as well if you have any of that laying around your home. Hope I helped!

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  • 5 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I've had yeast infections problem over 4 years. I tried everything, of course I went to the DR. about a hundred times, probably not that many, but it

    sure seems like it. It never did any good for long and caused all kinds of other issues having to do with taking too many antibiotics. It wasn't until

    I stumbled upon the information on this site

    ( ), that my life changed completely. I'm feeling so much better now, my quality of life returned and

    every one of the symptoms had gone.

    Although yeast infection (known by the names of Candida, Monilia or Thrush) is in fact a very common condition, (as three out of four women develop it at some point

    in their lifetimes), it is little discussed. Most people regard candida infection as a ‘on the surface’ problem that should be treated with creams and antibiotics whereas

    few are aware of its potentially risky complications. So going to doctors it's a bad idea not because it makes you feel uncomfortable, it's because they will prescribe antibiotics

    until something works, it could take even 1 year to treat a yeast infection like this.

    To effectively overcome candida infection, you need to be aware of the real cause of yeast infection and be able to identify its symptoms. You need to know how to self-test

    and diagnose your candida condition, learn about the dietary principals needed to maintain a candida free environment and about the complimentary treatments that will help you

    battle against the negative effects and complications of your yeast infection.

    Read "Yeast Infection No More" BY Linda Allen ( electronic format @ ) It's about how to naturally and permanently

    eliminate your yeast infection without drugs, creams or any kind of gimmicks.


    “How do I make this awful condition go away?!!!” Eliminating All Signs of Embarrassing Yeast – For Good! -

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Okay, I do NOT reccomend home remidies. YOU NEED TO SEE A DOCTOR. It could be something serious like BV or an infection, or even an std, it's time to be mature and face your fears. I know it's not exactly fun, but you need to do it, for your health. I wish you the best.

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  • 4 years ago

    Eliminate Yeast Infection Fast -

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