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Dispute Resolution!!!!?

Hello guys,

What is procedure for dispute resolution at the court?

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    I would never take dispute resolution to court. It can be extremely expensive and in the long run the only people who come out ahead are the lawyers. Mediation and/or arbitration (Med/Arb) are much speedier, far less expensive, and if it is Binding Med/Arb, it is enforceable in court And, in my opinion, the best part of all is that No Lawyers Are Needed. In addition, an expert witness in Med/Arb does not have to be vetted the same as in a court trial which means you can bring in a knowledgeable friend or family member if expert type of testimony is needed.

    It is problematic that most of the Mediators and Arbitrators representing the American Arbitration Association (AAA) are moonlighting judges and lawyers and they tend toturn the process into a courtroom-like process which is to the detriment of everyone.

    If your dispute is construction related, you should visit Construction Dispute Resolution Services, LLC, specializes in resolving construction disputes if you can imagine that. All of their Mediators and Arbitrators have backgrounds in the construction industry, they understand the issues. and can usually bring about an agreeable conclusion rapidly, often as quickly as a half day.

    If your dispute lies in some other arena, you can try to find help at AAA, or you can inquire of local businesses operating in the same industry if they have a recommendation for someone to talk to who has done work in Med/Arb, which is also called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). You might also try on online search for ADR Specialists in your local area.

    Source(s): Trained as Mediator/Arbitrator for CDRS, LLC.
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    Dispute Resolution is a process of solving issues between two party. Dispute may be- family dispute, commercial dispute and workplace dispute. To find out an appropriate solution for such kind of dispute is known to be dispute resolution.

    No need to visit court, you can ask to the dispute resolution service providing organization that will assist you the satisfied solution without visiting court. you can save your other expenses of court and precious time.

    I would like to introduce interMEDIATE Dispute Management having year's of experience in dispute resolution, provides services in Australia and Worldwide.

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    Mediation is another option which can be considered instead of going through court. It is a much more informal way of trying to resolve the disagreement. This is also a cheaper and quicker option.

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