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broke a bolt in my torque converter. need help?

ok i went to bolt my fly wheel to my torque converter and one of the 3 bolts broke... now the threaded part is stuck in the flywheel. the other two are fine. is there any way to get it out without using an extractor kit, or without pulling the tranny. and what would happen if i just left it out.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I would not leave the broken bolt. In theory the converter will be out of balance and might have a light vibration. There are two different scenarios for your broken bolt. The first is for a bolt that the head has snapped off from over tightening the bolt and the bolt has not bottomed out in the converter. The bolt maybe removed be using a very sharp chisel to strike the outer edge of the bolt and rotate it out. If the bolt has bottom out then the previous method will not work. Instead you will need to drill and extract the bolt.

    Another alternative is that you could bring the vehicle to a mechanic and pay them to remove the broken bolt.

  • 9 years ago

    your question makes no sense , the flywheel bolts to the crankshaft and the torque converter bolts to the flywheel, a stud extractor will get it out , you drill a hole in the remains of the bolt and screw the extractor into the hole and undo it(reverse thread) , but if you broke one of those (supposedly very high tensile strength) bolts then there is something seriously wrong, either you massively overtightened the bolt or all of them are faulty and suspect and should be thrown away and they should not be re-used anyway , what car is it? NB you can't just use any bolt from your local hardware store or car spares shop it has to be the recommended grade of bolt or they could all shear and you could end up killing yourself or someone else

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    No there is no other way of removing its a hard thing to get fixed extraction is best, and as far as leaving it out it might work for you but remember it puts more strain on the other two bolts and may eventually break sooner. Ive done it but i wouldnt recomend it.

    Source(s): Personal experience
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