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How to pronounce Wyomissing as in the state of PA????

Would be helpful if theres a link to a video or audio source. Thank you :)

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  • Roger
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    The one thing that is certain is that the "o" is not accented. It's never "why O missing."

    Sometimes the "o" is silent; the town is then pronounced "why missing," with equal accents on "why" and "miss." Here's a short commercial by a fellow who works there, who ought to know:

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    You can, however, hear a slightly different pronunciation in this video; the "o" is almost completely suppressed.

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    In this short ad, the long "o" can be heard, but it is passed over quickly:

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    Linguistically, the tendency of speakers is to abbreviate, so I suspect that the first two pronunciations are more common.

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