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im thinking about reading a womans romance novel to see what a womans definition of fantasy is?

would you say that those books are representative of what women are into?

also ive heard that they are very raunchy. although im skeptical that a womans definition when it comes to fantasy & entertainment will be the same as a mans defintion.

have any recommendations of a good example?

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    9 years ago
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    I've read some romances, some are better than reading the back of the cereal box, some are not. Most romance novels are written very much to a formula, and if you know the publisher, then you know the formula. There are a few of them which are not written to such a formula, and some of them are actually well written and entertaining. Some of the books are raunchy, but I've never read one where the focus wasn't on pleasing the woman in the story. And I think that's the appeal of these books, there are usually MULTIPLE men in the story, all of them intent on winning or keeping the woman, and all of them intent on pleasing her in any way possible. Everything they do is to win or keep the woman.

    I'm a bookseller, by the way, so I read all sorts of things.

    No, this isn't what all women are into. It's what a certain segment of the population is into, and not even a majority segment at that. There are only a very, very few of these books that I will read for pleasure, as my taste runs more to science fiction/fantasy and mystery, with biographies also in the running. My shop is well-known (in my area) for the selection of my favored genres, and although I carry most other categories, I don't carry romances with a very few exceptions. And this hasn't hurt my business, even though about 75% of my customers are female.

  • Sienna
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    9 years ago

    "would you say that those books are representative of what women are into?"

    Yes, they are very representative. They are so uniform in their themes, that it's almost certain that they represent an accurate picture of women's hard-wiring.

    My wife reads them. She says that the common themes are, the guy is an alpha male, he's rich or otherwise high status, he has no problem getting women, but after he falls for the heroine, he has no interest in other women, and he wants to look after her, and pay for her babies for the rest of his life. That's it. That's what women are looking for.

    "also ive heard that they are very raunchy."

    Not really. It's more about inter-play of feelings, and emotional intensity.

    "although im skeptical that a womans definition when it comes to fantasy & entertainment will be the same as a mans defintion."

    Basically, what porn is to men's hard-wiring, romance novels are to women's.

    "have any recommendations of a good example?"

    The best one in the history of the world, of which all other romance are mere pale imitations, is "Pride and Prejudice" by Jane Austen. I have read it, it's a great classic.

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    sherrilyn kenyon and the dark hunter novels are great examples. The dark hunter books had greek gods, and dark hunter creatures that are simiairish to vampires. they hunt and go on assignments, there is always steamy romantic sex scenes in the books. This is women's porn. See women, like to connect not only physically, but emotionally as well. We are turned on much more by both of those things. That is sexy fantasy and the books are quite witty and interesting.

    I would start with the first novel of the series called "Fantasy Lover" it's set in new orleans i believe

    It's about a dark hunter that was sentenced to become a sex slave for all of eternity. the woman in the book was given a spell by one of her tarot reading friends and the spell worked. the man became her lover, they also connected both physically and emotionally. it explains a woman's fantasy quite well. these are best sellers!


    when you read on in the series you will learn about Acheron, he's pretty awesome, he's one of the head dark hunter's that puts the other ones on assignments, he has a succumbus basically as a daughter and she is quite sassy and entertaining. i can't wait until someone puts the dark hunter series on television

  • Ed Fox
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    9 years ago

    Woman's romance novels are mostly just that - flowery romance with very little raunchiness. Pure escapism - rather like a woman fantasizing about being swept off her feet by her favorite male movie star and driven off into a world of romance

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    9 years ago

    You don;t need to read those books to know what most women want. Why, all you have to do is think of a man who is very attractive/dominant/alpha who has money enough to support her behind...Until she gets tired of him then repeats the process with another man. Or, the other fantasy is a long line of unfavored, non alpha non popular types suffering and in pain.....that is another thrill.

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    Well, it's a fact women are more emotional than men, therefore, telling her you love her (and meaning it), the cuddling, showing her you care is definitely going to put you on the right track.

    However, the sexual fantasies are different in every women.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I've never even read a women's romance novel so I have no idea what goes on there. I think they seem corny, lol.

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    it will definitely help and spice up your sex/love life. but no one is the same. if your doing it for someone in particular just ask them what their fantasy is.

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    9 years ago

    Men and women's fantasies are the same. Their roles are just different,

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