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This action of yours was _____ than wise.

(A) kinder

(B) most kind

(C) kindest

(D) more kind


這是This action was verry kind.和This action was not very wise.兩句的比較,比較點在kind與wise上面的程度副詞,Which is more?所以並不是kind或wise的比較級問題,而是程度副詞(如much)比較級問題-much的比較級是more




To DaSaGwa: I totally understand. Thanks a lot!

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    In this question, what you try to compare is between "kind" and "wise" two adjectives. Therefore, you use an adverb to compare. This adverb is "much" and its comparative form is "more". Therefore you use "more kind than wise". If you use "kinder than wise", then what do you compare with "wise", "kinder" is already in comparative form ???

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    If you can not get it, let me give you examples:

    This work needs more brain than muscle.

    you compare "brain" and "muscle"

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    To shoot a bird, you need more accuracy than quickness.

    you compare "accuracy" and "quickness".

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    The reason that you fail the exam is more careless than unknowing.

    you compare "careless" and "unknowing".

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    I think, I shall use "not knowing" instead of "unknowing".

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    這是This action was verry kind.和This action was very wise.兩句的比較.

    比較點在kind與wise上面的程度,Which is more?



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    我是依我的頭腦翻成中文 所以有一點不清楚 而且我才小五而已

    不過我已經要考英檢中級了 所以依我的程度答案詳解應該是這樣

    但是我還是希望有幫到你 ^_<

    也請求你選我當最佳解答 ^_^

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