Best colleges for Astronomy?

Also the requirements to join.

Planning on getting a PhD

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    You'll want to major in physics, and then you can study astronomy in graduate school. You won't go to the same school for your bachelors as you will for the masters and PhD. The school where you get your PhD is the one that really matters; you can do your bachelors pretty much anywhere. Many state schools are an excellent place to start - some have great physics and astronomy programs, lots of good research opportunities, and can help you get into top graduate programs.

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    The Five College Radio Astronomical Observatory (FCRAO) was founded in 1969 by the Five College Astronomy Department (University of Massachusetts (UMass), Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College and Smith College). From its inception, the observatory has emphasized research, the development of technology and the training of students—both graduate and undergraduate. The observatory is located on a peninsula in the Quabbin Reservoir.

    The initial FCRAO telescope was a customized low-frequency antenna to search for pulsars in the galaxy. The development of instrumentation within the FCRAO labs contributed to the discovery of the binary pulsar system PSR B1913+16 by Joseph Taylor and Russell Hulse, for which they received the 1993 Nobel Prize in Physics.

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    It is best not to Major in Astronomy at the undergrad level.

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