Who are the 5 kings (Game of Thrones)?

Im a little confused on the confused about the concept of "the war of five kings". Are the five kings the kings fighting for the iron throne (joffery, stannis, renly, ect.?) or is it the five many kings in wetsros (at the wall, winterfell, iron island, ect.?) i want to know who the five kings are and why its them and what they want. Please no spoilers.

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    The Five Kings are:

    King Joffrey ... ahem... Baratheon: He thinks the Iron Throne is his by rights, being Robert's eldest son. Of course, we know that he is NOT Robert's son! He is backed by the Lannisters, which are the wealthiest family in the kingdoms. They are trying to get an alliance with Dorne (one of the kingdoms that has yet to make an appearance) by marrying Princess Marcella to the Prince of Dorne's youngest son.

    King Stannis Baratheon: Robert's eldest brother. He has the best "legal" claim to the throne since Cersei's three children are bastards. So, he's also claiming the throne "by rights". He is angry with Renly for trying to step over him in the succession and he does not want to ally with Robb Stark, since Robb wants to take away half of his kingdom.

    King Renly Baratheon: The youngest of the Baratheon brothers. He's claiming to be king because he thinks he's better for the job than his older brother, Stannis. Renly points out that Robert didn't have any real "legal" claim to the Iron Throne, he took by war. He's rejecting the succession out of hand. Catelyn is going to parley with him about an alliance. Right now, he's got the biggest army.

    King Robb Stark: The King in the North. Robb really doesn't want to sit on the Iron Throne. He's fighting for independence for the North. It hasn't been real clear in the show, but he is claiming the Riverlands as part of his kingdom as well. Success for him would be for whoever wins the Iron Throne to recognize the North/Riverlands as a separate kingdom.

    King Balon Greyjoy: The "king" of the Iron Islands wants to be king again. He's going to try to take the North, as he described to his children. Remember, he tried to rebel against King Robert at one point, but lost the war, so he had to give his son, Theon, to the Starks as a ward/hostage. He's not really after the Iron Throne, but he wants to take a big bite out of the North.

    Hope that helps!

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    Joffrey Baratheon - Took the Iron Throne after the death of his supposed father Robert Baratheon

    Stannis Baratheon - Brother of Robert Baratheon, and rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

    Renly Baratheon - Brother of Robert Baratheon, but younger than Stannis. Have more carisma and allies than Stannis and thinks he is more prepared than him to be the king.

    Robb Stark - King of the North - rebelling against the Iron Throne, seeking freedom (and later vengance for the death) of his father Eddard Stark, and trying to get back his sisters Sansa and Arya. If victorious will rule the north as a separate kingdom.

    Balon Greyjoy - King of the Iron Islands - Wants independence from the Iron Throne for the Iron Islands

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    Many of you have this wrong i realize at the back of ACOK it lists Joffrey, Renly, Stannis, Rob and the Daenerys. The greyjoys have done nothing more than plot at that point. But in ASOS, in the back, its listed slightly different. Renly taken out and greyjoys put in as they have acted now. In truth you can actually list 6 kings (if you include daenerys)

    Renly never fought a battle and technically neither has daenerys....at this point. But daenerys is still alive and Renly is not. Amongst several other legitimized reasons, Khaleesi certainly takes precident over Renly.

    So i think the best and most accurate take of the 5 kings would be as follows

    1 - joffrey

    2 - Stannis

    3 - Robb

    4- Daenerys Stormborn

    5 - Balon greyjoy

    There is never more than 5 at once, but more than 5 in all, and there in lays the ambiguity of "The war if the 5 kings" ... I am obliged to dismiss Renly absolutely as he has accomplished the least, only massing a host. Never facing anyone in battle. PM me if need be.

    Source(s): First 3 books of a song of ice and fire
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      Also...in ACOK and ASOS daenerys is listed in the appendix as one of the 5 kings. Renly in ACOK, swapped out for Balon in ASOS....So yes, 5 Kings (one queen actually) fighting at one time, but Khaleesi has always been one of them ;)

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    There are 5 kings fighting for the throne. Robb ( fighting to be king in the north), And Joffrey, Renly and Stannis who all want the Iron throne and I think Balon Greyjoy is also fighting for the iron throne aswell.Robb wants to be king in the north because the south killed his father and years ago the Starks were the kings in the north. Joffrey is King because his father was king. Stannis wants to be king because he's the rightful king of westeros because Joffrey is a bastard. And Renly wants to be king because he is more likable then Stannis and Greyjoy just wants to be king for some reason.

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    Becoming monarch didn't depend on your age but rather on whether you were in line to the throne. Yes, in real life, there were child monarchs. They didn't rule until they became adults. In the meantime, regents were appointed, to handle the duties of the monarchy until the child monarchs grew up. However, they certainly had the status of monarchs. One example was Richard II, grandson of King Edward III of England. His father died before becoming king, so when his grandfather died, Richard himself became king at the age of 10. You may be sure that people DID bow to a child monarch, even if the child wasn't yet allowed to reign on his own. Movies and fantasy books are not real life. Louis XIV of France became King at the age of 5. Over 70 years later, he was succeeded by his 5-year-old great-grandson. There were certainly medieval royal dynasties. Look up the Plantagenets for starters. Your problem is that you are not reading serious history books. Again, fantasy isn't real history.

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    Joff, Robb, Stannis, Renly... and that's probably it, according to Book 2 of the series. Mayeb we can add Khaleesi...

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    War Of The Five Kings

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    I am not going to list them all but this website is what you are looking for


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