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Why and how much has the Federal Government stolen out of social security and wrote an IOU.?

They wrote the IOU and never paid one penny back. How can they take money that doesn't belong to them in the first place.Instead of 16 trillion in debt, add what they owe social security and how much is our true debt. But they ar all so dishonest about every thing, they will never tell you the whole truth. If anyone else did anything like this, they would not be free any more. I would also like to know why we need so many Congressman and Senators. The goverment could do without ninty percent of over paid federal workers. That sure would save a lot of money. I know this will not be asked by the news media for they are all dishonest.

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    the why is because they are the government and you can thank the Democrats for that and yes all Social Security is IOU's because the government is way too big and it's not a revune problem if they taxed every person in the U.S at 80% it would only raise around 200 Billion a year that is every person who has a job and seeing how the national debt is at 15 Trillion it would take 75 years to pay off the debt at the current spending rates.

    and yes the government should be cut by half but not government pay but departments all of them should be cut alot like

    FDA 10%

    EPA 10%

    Dept.Aguculter 15%

    home land security 10%

    Food stamps should be sliced in half

    urban development 50%

    TSA privatized

    NSA by 10%

    military by 20%

    Department of Agriculture

    End farm subsidies 29.5

    Cut food subsidies by 50 percent 52.7

    End rural subsidies 4.2

    Total cuts 86.4

    Department of Commerce

    End telecom subsidies 2.3

    End economic development subsidies 0.6

    Total cuts 2.9

    Department of Defense

    Enact Preble/Friedman reforms** 150.0

    Department of Education

    End K-12 education subsidies 52.7

    End student aid and all other programs 33.1

    Total cuts (terminate the department) 85.8

    Department of Energy

    End subsidies for energy efficiency 10.2

    End subsidies for vehicle technologies 5.2

    End the technology loan program 1.2

    End electricity research subsidies 2.0

    End fossil energy research 1.1

    Privatize the power marketing administrations 0.5

    End nuclear energy subsidies 0.6

    Total cuts 20.8

    Department of Health and Human Services

    Block grant Medicaid and freeze spending** 226.0

    Repeal 2010 health care law** 87.0

    Increase Medicare premiums** 39.8

    Cut non-Medicaid state/local grants by 50% 37.7

    Cut Medicare payment error rate by 50% 28.6

    Increase Medicare deductibles** 12.6

    Tort reform 10.0

    Total cuts 441.7

    Department of Housing and Urban Development

    End rental assistance 28.6

    End community development subsidies 15.0

    End public housing subsidies 8.9

    End housing finance and all other programs 8.3

    Total cuts (terminate the department) 60.8

    Department of Justice

    End state and local grants 5.0

    Department of Labor

    End employment and training services 4.8

    End Job Corps 1.7

    End Community Service for Seniors 0.8

    End trade adjustment assistance 1.3

    Total cuts 8.6

    Social Security

    Price index initial benefits** 41.1

    Raise the normal retirement age** 31.4

    Cut Social Security disability program by 10% 13.2

    Total cuts 85.7

    Department of Transportation

    End urban transit grants (federal fund savings) 5.8

    Privatize air traffic control (federal fund savings) 5.8

    Privatize Amtrak and end rail subsidies 2.9

    Total cuts 14.5

    Department of the Treasury

    Cut earned income tax credit by 50% 22.5

    End refundable part of child tax credit 22.9

    Total cuts 45.4

    Other Savings

    Cut federal civilian compensation costs 10% 29.6

    Cut foreign development aid by 50% 5.2

    Cut NASA spending by 50% 9.8

    Privatize the Corps of Engineers (Civil Works) 10.6

    Repeal Davis-Bacon labor rules 9.0

    End EPA state and local grants 6.5

    End foreign military financing 5.4

    End subsidies for the Corp. for Nat. Comm. Srv. 0.6

    End subsidies to the Corp. for Public Broadcasting 0.5

    End the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp. 0.2

    Total cuts 77.4

    Grand total annual spending cuts $1,084.9

    so basically 1 Trillion a year cut from our spending in 15 years the U.S would be dept free

    and there should be a new law that government can only spend 80% of what it took in the year before and if they go over 100% they must cut they're pay and the government to account for the loss

    also there should be a law that they cannot touch Social security funds.

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    1, Do you know what budgeting means? The government does this.

    2. We need so many congressmen and senators because the United States Constitution says we do.

    3. how much do you think federal workers get paid? its -barely- competitive with equivalent private sector pay, and you have twice the work.

    Source(s): I'm a federal employee.
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    US debt is 16 trillion. However, that doesn't mean it belongs to the government.

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    Around 80 trillion dollars.

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    Bush rejected Al Gore's lock box idea and his party raided the trust fund to pay for wars and tax cuts for billionaires.

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