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What is 15th prestige lobby in mw3?

I got envited to a mw3 15th prestige lobby game. I was a noob and didnt know what that was, i still dont know. I heard u can get banned, is it true? And can someone explain it to me? And is it banneble?

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    15th Prestige lobbies (or any prestige lobby in any Call of Duty game) are hacked lobbies that unlock all the challenges for you player and you weapons, essentially boosting you to 15th prestige. Can you get banned? Yes, but only from that Call of Duty game. Since you didn't perpetrate the lobby, your console can't get banned from XBL or PSN There isn't much more to go into. I've been in some of them (I've never been banned, it's not automatic) and you can use them to reach a prestige you want to be at, or use them to unlock certain things on guns, since it takes time before you are actually at the top prestige.

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    Yes, yes, and yes. This lobbies are hacked lobbies that can unlock everything for your guns, challenges, etc. if caught, you are at risk of a serious ban, possibly a ban that could ban your whole entire profile. These lobbies have the death of your profile all over it.

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    Rank up effectively you bellend. These lobbies do not imply you'll immediately be the first-rate, infact, you'll get discovered by way of low rating noobs who continuously rape you in recreation. Then, hands crossed, you'll get your rank reset for being a device.

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