A probability question, help plz?

I have 4 letters in my pocket: A, B, C, D

With eyes closed, I randomly take 1 letter out, and put it back, and do this procedure 4 times

What's the chance that I get 4 A?

Is that equal to the chance of getting 1 B and 3 A? (doesn't matter the order)

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  • 8 years ago
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    The chance of getting 4 As is one outcome out of all the possible outcomes.

    the number of possible outcomes is 4^4 = 256

    4 choices for the 1st pick

    4 choices for the 2nd pick

    4 choices for the 3rd pick

    4 choices for the 4th pick

    chance for 4 A = 1/256

    chance of 1 B, and 3 A = 4/246 = 1/64

    there are 4 outcomes of 1 B and 3 A {BAAA} {ABAA} {AABA} {AAAB}

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