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Men hairstyles summer 2012?

I want to know if Mohawk is a good style for this summer and I want to get some popular websites about men hairstyles can you give me??

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    Not exactly, the general idea with a guy's short to medium style is to maximize and minimize the volume of hair in various areas of the head to create the illusion of a perfect oval face shape with a sort of more boxy than rounded masculine skull shape, when viewed from the front. A ridge of hair down the center of the top of the head can achieve these goals for very few combinations of male face and skull shape. The central ridge can make even a perfect oval face shape appear to be diamond shaped with a peaked skull shape. The ridge needs to be turned ninety degrees and placed at the front hairline. The regular barber shop styles-regular layer/ taper cut and the short pomp(pompadour) styles such as a crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- can achieve these goals for most guys. A crew cut has been worn as a summer style for generations.


    A barber with a good aesthetic sense can usually design a regular layer/taper cut or one of the short pomp styles to fully suit most young guy's head shape, face and neck shape, frontal hairline and facial features. Start with a longer style and then if you want a shorter style, try it next haircut.

    regular layer/taper cut:

    somewhat wavy hair...


    shorter, somewhat wavy hair...


    straight hair....


    ivy league(long crew cut):


    medium crew cut:



    short crew cut:


    Search the internet for images of soccer stars Steven Gerrard and Lukas Podolski for numerous examples of the ivy league and crew cut style. A minute dab of control wax will keep the hair looking well groomed at crew cut and ivy league length. I prefer krew comb, jar variety. A butch comb also helps with grooming the short pomp styles- the small, flat, plastic, oval, pocket brushes that one finger fits through and barbers sell for about a dollar. A boar bristle military brush is usually available for a few dollars and while too large for a guy to carry in his pocket, is nice to have at home.




    The answer at the following link will further explain the short styles:


    Good Luck!

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    This is the perfect website for finding a hairstyle that will suit you.


    That is a good website. Scroll down and click the arrows for more options.


    Also this one.

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    Well, I have to be able to admit I love girls with long hair... for me, the longer, the better... I honestly can't think associated with anyone who looked better with short hair

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    Usually, that is too long for me. I think it depends on the guy as well as his face though. Certain guys may pull off long hair and other people can't.

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