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Drink milk past expiration date?

I am living in Italy and I have noticed that the milk does not go bad for a long time after the expiration date. In Ireland once the milk is 1 day past the expiration date it's gone off, even that day it may taste funny. Why is it that in Italy the milk keeps for about a week after the expiration date, and is it ok that I am still drinking it during this time?


I might add that it obviously doesn't smell and it tastes just the same as the first day...otherwise I wouldn't drink it!

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    Well if it's a day off it will for sure be fine......but for a week, no. You can become very sick, have an upset stomach, or even get dizzy. You should just go out and buy some more milk to keep you from being ill.

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    It's OK if it's a few days (1-6 days) past the expiry date on the milk carton but if it's over a week, drinking it may not be so good for you. If you taste odd taste of an odor, then throw it out. Drinking expired milk is very risky. You might get food poisoning from drinking spoiled milk.

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    perhaps the milk you were drinking in ireland was actually farm fresh and not commercially farmed but i was always taught that milk should stay good for a week after it's posted expiration day as long as it stays properly refridgerated

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