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I have just bought the first issue of Avengers Vs. X-Men but I am still a little confused about the storyline. If someone could just explain to me all the major things which have happened leading up to this comic it would be much appreciated. Such as what happened with Jean Grey and why is Scott Summers now with Magneto? Also who is Hope? What happened to all the mutants and if there anything I need to know about the Avengers? Stuff like that is what I am looking for. You don’t have to go into too much detail but just enough so I can understand what is going on better. Lastly do you know how many issues there will be? Thank you in advance.

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    - Jean Grey is dead and has been for quite a while (years). She was killed by Kuan Yin Xorn, who was posing as Magneto at the time, under the influence of Sublime.

    - A while ago, Scott Summers lost faith in the integrity of professor Xavier - I won't go into the details - and continued as the leader of the X-Men. After a time, he had an artificial island called Utopia created off the coast of San Francisco to serve as a refuge for all mutants, if they so desired. Magneto, accepting Scott's changed role as de facto leader of all mutants in the world, sough such refuge and has been working with and for him.

    - A few years ago, the Scarlet Witch - Magneto's daughter, who has transcendent, reality-altering powers, or at least access to them - had a nervous breakdown which ended with her completely rejecting her mutant heritage and dousing the entire planet in a reality-altering spell which turned almost all mutants to ordinary humans. Only about 300 mutants (initially the number was believed to be 198) were left worldwide, but what was worse was that no new mutants were being born.

    Until one day, one new mutant was born (her parents are unknown, they were killed by the mutant-hating Purifiers). This led to the story known as the 'Messiah Complex', which ended with Cable - aka Nathan Summers (the son of Scott Summers and Madelyne Pryor, herself a clone of Jean Grey) who came from the future because he had been taken to the future after his birth to save his life so he had grown up in a war-torn post-Apocalyptic waste land and had returned to the present fully grown (older than his father, actually) - taking the baby to the future to protect her from everybody who wanted to kill her.

    The baby, who was named Hope, grew up into a teenage girl, and under the guidance of Cable, into an accomplished soldier. When she returned from the future, she was thrown into the 'Messiah War' - the mutant-killing super-robot Nimrod, who also came from the future, but a different future than the one Cable came from, was trying to kill her. Nimrod was virtually unstoppable and killed Cable, but in return, Hope - who, until that moment, had not displayed any real mutant powers - manifested something very like the Phoenix Force and annihilated the robot.

    From that moment, Hope has been living with the X-men on Utopia, finding and training new mutants who have appeared since her return. She is having considerable trouble adjusting.

    - Now, everybody immediately noticed how much Hope resembles Jean Grey. Scott Summers is both overprotective and demanding towards her, because he believes she can save the mutant 'race' (which, in my opinion, is really stupid - not to mention racist).

    - The Avengers have very mixed feelings about this. The Scarlet Witch was an Avenger for a very long time, and when she went nuts everybody was traumatized; her husband, the Vision, is particularly hurt. Emotionally, that is; he was in fact for all intents and purposes killed by her in her madness, and only finally came back to life (ie, he repaired himself) a few weeks ago after years of being 'dead'. So mutants with world-altering powers worry them.The Avengers and the X-men have never really seen eye to eye, anyway.

    What also didn't help was that it turned out that Cable wasn't dead after all. He had been shunted back to the future in the moment of his 'death' somehow and discovered that his future sucked even more than before. Now it was a virtually completely lifeless wasteland; the only other survivor was Blaquesmith, another mutant from his time. They figured out that this future was the result of a war between the Avengers and the X-men, and that the Avengers had killed Hope somehow and for some unknown reason.

    It's not clear whether this is really what happened or not. In any case, Cable, who is already dying due to the techno-virus which has been in his body ever since his birth now spreading a lot faster, travels back in time to destroy the Avengers before they kill Hope.

    He loses in the end, but Hope - quite unharmed - does secretly save his life and destroys the virus. The upshot of all of this is even more distrust between the X-men and the Avengers.

    And now it turns out the Phoenix Force is coming back to Earth. And everybody thinks it's going to join with Hope. And almost everybody, except Cyclops, thinks that it will be a disaster.

    The Avengers want to isolate Hope, Cyclops won't let them, IT'S A FIGHT! That is where we are after issue #1.

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    I will try to help

    magneto is back because he has reformed to a hero now and he has really proved this by bringing back the bullet which kitty was in so shes back and after a invasion by the rest of the breakworlders shes back to normal

    colossus has a new look because he became the new Juggernaut avatar in fear itself then kitty broke up with him

    Hope is the mutant messiah as she was the first born mutant after M Day also she released a pulse with destroyed cerebro also she has shown big hints to be the Phoenix forces new host so she is a BIG deal also in Messiah complex an anti mutant group destroyed her town when she was born as they wanted to kill her then some other stuff happened where they tried to find her then cable took her into the future and raised her as his daughter hence the surname then brought her back to the time line we read

    wolverine and half of the x men and students go back to the X mansion to start the Jean grey school of higher learning (check the internet for who stayed and went)

    now at the start of the comic you see the Phoenix force on its way to earth

    then you see a nova corp crash land as the Avengers go to help him

    then you see scott training Hope too hard because he has become a d**khead, hope then kicks Scott's *** with Phoenix power (emma and magneto get worried)

    Cap and Iron man talk with the goverment of the Pheonix force, Cap recuits wolverine to the Avengers

    the X men discuss the Pheonix returning Cap shows up at utopia to take Hope away scott and Cap argue and scott blasts him emma thinking what a dumb sh*t then the Avengers start to Assemble

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    i love it

    hope summers is Jean i think

    but heres a funnier version

    part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VpyPMVYAdI

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    part 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iALzDywhQh4

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    part 3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhIHZikTVic

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    now if youll exuse me ive got 2 point to collect

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