Will going from a regular metal lead to copper speaker wire complete a circuit?

I'm trying to build something for a project (a homemade security buzzer), and I need to complete a circuit which contains a battery, a switch (a clothespin separating/connecting the leads) and a 75db buzzer.

The buzzer has a positive and negative lead, but I don't have the proper wire, nor do I have a soldering gun to solder it to the switch to complete the circuit.

Can I use electrical tape, and tape the end of the metal lead on the buzzer, to a copper speaker wire terminal, and will this complete the circuit?

In simpler terms, instead of soldering a metal lead wire to another metal lead wire, can I use electrical tape to connect a metal lead wire to speaker wire without damaging the signal?

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  • Ecko
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    8 years ago
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    There are various connectors using crimps or screws that don't need solder, but you can generally connect two wires temporarily by stripping off a short length of insulation and twisting the bare metal wires together, and then insulating them with covering layer of tape or heat-shrink. The first link below shows a few pictures of twisted wire connections, even though they were in preparation for soldering.

    A soldering gun is not the best tool for electronic sized wires anyway - you need a soldering iron, some models are very cheap. The second link shows one example. Use resin cored solder about 1mm thick.

  • 8 years ago

    since electrical tape helps in joining you can use it but there is a possibility that the signal is damaged partially

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