Question about my 05 Cadillac STS?

so the driver side door doesn't always (well, rarely now) unlock when you approach the car or press the unlock button on the remote. It would on some occasions when i used the unlock button, but hasnt worked in a long while. i mentioned this to someone at the cadillac dealership here and he told me to fix that id have to buy an entire new door panel, which i think he said was $400+ or maybe more, don't remember, but it was a lot.

point being. i called bullsh!t.... I'm pretty sure there's a switch mechanism that controls that, and maybe a wire or the connector is loose and just needs readjusting or replacing. i did a little research for caddy parts and found 5 switches that go in the door that control those kinds of things, and i narrowed it down to like, 2 of them that might be correct but im not an auto expert.

what i wanna know is am i right here? is this guy just trying to make money off me because im a chick and know nothing about cars? i had a switch problem in another car that was easy to fix by just getting a new switch since a clip broke on it. i dont see how it would make sense to replace an entire door panel just for an autolock mechanism. also, i asked them to order a new plastic console for the seat controls since the clips broke on the passenger side, and he said he would be 80$ i found those online for 15-25 and they seem to just clip in place. he never did.. it wasnt worth the money for them to fix that i guess so he claims he would do it and never called.

they seems shady and trying to squeeze every penny out they can since i drive a caddy they think i got the money. things have changed since i bought it, im not rich and cant afford to be taken advantage of for something that could be a simple fix. any of you car guys able to help clarify this for me? thanks :)


wow humveetech, i dont know why you have to be such an ***. he DID say door panel, and he told me by phone he'd order the part and would call me when it came in, and i NEVER cop an attitude with anyone, especially those providing a service to me, im not a fcuking dick. i worked in a service industry where angry clients are common and even then when someones b!tching at me you still talk with a smile, im not an impolite ungrateful b!itch, i say please and thank you whenever i request anything and if it seems like it might be too much trouble i dont even bother. and its hilarious how upset this somehow makes me because you are so far from the truth its funny. i came here to ask for help with my car not have my integrity as a decent person questioned just because you see things as black and white and automatically assume because i own a caddy im a stuck up *****.

im aware there are several switches in that door, i looked them up on some different parts website, i have no idea which

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    This is the second time you have posted a question about an 05 STS with a problem exactly like a problem in my wife's 05 STS. Hers will work like you say for a while and then it will mysteriously start working just fine. It also on occasion imitates this type of intermittent problem with other computer controlled functions. For instance it will not recognize driver # 2 as # 2 but will act like it is driver # 1. On occasion it will refuse to unlock the rear doors until the passenger door is opened. Weird but we love the car anyway. I was thinking it might be the computer although I really think a corroded connection is causing it to act up. I am a car nut, race car enthusiast and a computer genius and still think this is nuts. My experience with the dealers is that they want to be very helpful and are quite nice but are being forced into using mechanics who just don't get it. They may be trained but in general they just have no idea about cause and effect so sometimes their best efforts are junk. And they do have high labor rates. Sorry.

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    05 Cadillac Sts

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    WOW?????? Now do you people see what I put up with when I work on Cadillacs!!!!!!!!! Not sure if they actually said door panel but if there is an issue with the antenna in the door, it is part of the inner door switch asy & whatever switched you found online doesnt mean too much since you most likely searched people who throw parts at their cars & never fixed a car right with the first part ever. There are several switches inside that door, I would like to know them if possible, so far I only see 1 that actually controls the lock/unlock deal but if you think it is a loose wire or connection, be my guest since you narrowed it down to 2 & it is that easy

    When you mentioned it to someone, did you actually have them look at it or did you ask the service advisor on the drive that most likely was just hired a few hours before you got there & didnt actually know they had electronic transmitters that automatically unlock/lock doors just by walking up to it or walking away.

    There are a few test that should be done to confirm it isnt the transmitter itself, we have a lot of problems with them also

    Just finished reading the rest of your post LOL!!!!!!!!!! Well you bought a Caddy, we didnt make the prices, we just pass them on to you!!!!!

    But if that interior door latch asy cost that much, I guess you really didnt need that automatic locking/unlocking mechanism to work right anyway. Not sure he thought of you being a female that didnt know anything & also try to squeeze every penny out of you since bought a Caddy was not the issue either, I am betting you had an attitude & he just did what he could do to make you go away since we read people & we know when someone is going to actually want their car fixed versus someone who will complain about every cost of any part mentioned & most likely why they never got that part ordered because our dealership would have required you to prepay especially if you never been to our dealership & most likely you would have never returned anyway.

    He may have been talking about that correct part inside the door panel & you blew it out of context, but any way. If you want it fixed right, then you need them to look at it to see what is the problem here.

    I also like how these wanna-bes in these forums think they know it all. The bad thing is these newer Cadillacs are using more & more High Speed LAN & Low Speed LAN that do all the work now like that unlocking the door. Most Cadillac use more Serial Data communication to do its workloads.

    The front doors do not have traditional door lock actuators. They have electronically controlled door latches that will operate depending on the status of the door lock system. This status is determined by the front door modules and the last known state of the lock system. If the last known state is LOCK, the latches will not release when the door handles are operated. If the last known state is UNLOCK, the latches will release when the door handles are operated. The front doors are also equipped with red door lock status indicators. The front door modules will supply power and ground to the indicators to illuminate them when the lock system is in a virtual state of lock. The indicators will not continuously illuminate when the vehicle is locked. They will illuminate for approximately 5 seconds after a lock switch activation or after a door handle has been operated and the front door modules are in a virtual state of lock.

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    you my friend are bitter (hummveetech). i have the exact same problem with an 05 in my shop, but it also had problems with the window and mirror. the first thing we did was test, test and test. we came up with the door module. that corrected the handle problem for about a month. eventhough it fixed the mirror and window problem permantely, the handle function became intermittant again. the solution that worked was spaying electronic contact cleaner on the everything works perfectly.


    before you judge people that you dont even know, use your (expertise) to find a solution. the lady asked a legitimate question and didnt deserve your ignorant comments

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  • 9 years ago

    the problem you have is the servo in the door it could be the switch check this buy operating the lock from an other door switch, who ever told you that crap about the Panel has there head up there butt .

  • 9 years ago

    U r absolutely correct. Who knows, it might just need some lubrication. Goto, and find a local independent car repair shop near you that's on the list. I'm sure its just a simple fix too...

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    isn't the sts-v supercharged anyway search for ststurbo or whipple superchargers the turbo,s mount in place of your exhaust system and the charger on top of engine

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