Economic collapse? Show me the proof, please.?

Why do people believe in an upcoming economic collapse? I would like solid answers based on facts that include links to articles or graphs from a genuine source. Please do not waste everyones time with opinions/forums/news sites that happens to sell precious metals/food/etc as they all induce fear to a point where you buy a product (gold/silver/food). Why is it so hard for someone to show me some honest proof?


Harley, you have failed to provide me any proof of your statement.

Update 2:

Charlie, you have failed to provide me with proof.

Update 3:

Thumm9, you have failed to provide me any proof of your statement. Not only is your personal attack unfounded, your video merely shows a guy who predicted the 2007 recession and wants you to buy his book. Can someone please provide me with legitimate information? I am expecting graphs and major articles showing the issues at hand which is clear evidence if something unsustainable. This is all part of my own research and I have yet to see anything solid on the matter.

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    The Austrian School of Economics predicts an economic crash and Austrian economists were able to predict both the Great Depression and this current Recession, not because the free market faulted but because these economists saw the imbalances in the market created by The Federal Reserve or government policy. You sound ignorant because economics is obviously not a hard science and there is no conclusive evidence for what will happen in the future. What the Austrians do use is the true unaltered version of history to understand recurring patterns and estimate the future. They did this to predict our current recession while your buddies like Ben Bernanke and Paul Krugman not only failed to predict a recession, but insisted that there would be moderate growth. Overall our huge spending problems, over consumption, encouragement of credit, lack of savings and production are making our economy less efficient. There view is that we are propped up. I don't know if you were taught econ in school or something but I've researched econ on my own and I find it near impossible to give people like Ben Bernanke more credit than Peter Schiff. The Keynesians (Bernanke) have almost always been dead wrong, and the Austrians ( Schiff ) have almost always been on the money. .... Research Peter Schiff, Thomas Woods, Jim Rogers, Austrian Economics, Ron Paul, and if you want use to download books. These are the people that will provide there theories. I'm not wasting my time linking you articles you can look up these guys yourself if you truly want to hear their opinions.

    Source(s): just a video of a guy no one listened too.
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    Fractional Reserve Banking.

    Source(s): I'm not your research assistant. Look it up.
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    Yes. There are many commentators from news media, economists, educators, has proved that Uncle Sam is already bankrupt.

    America remains as the No. 1 debtor in this world.

    There are many hidden American debts.

    The following web shows the cost of the Iraq war alone.

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  • 9 years ago

    the country has a real debt of trillions of dollars and most large companies are in debt to the tune of billions of dollars so effectively they have not made any profit and cannot afford to employ people, so the country's economy is stagnant and could collapse it is legally bankrupt as it could not pay its debts

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