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JWE Thursday Night Smackdown! Rate?

Smackdown comes on with the music and video. GM Teddy Long comes out and says "On RAW, Mr Lauriantas brought the US Title and World Tag Titles back. So on Smackdown, I am bringing back the Interconintal Title and the WWE Tag Titles, but I am not just going to give them the titles, they gon have to earn it, player."

Singles (Winner advances to Finals in Heavyweight Title Tournament)

Henry (heel) vs Orton (face)

Winner - Henry via a WSS

WWE Tag Team Titles

The Uso's (face) vs Hunico and Camacho (heel)

Winner - Uso's via an Alley Use on Hunico

Intercontinental Title

Rhodes (heel) vs Big Show (face) vs Christian (heel) vs Goldust (face)

Winner - Rhodes via a Cross Rhodes on Goldust

Singles (Winner face Henry for Heavyweight Title at Rumble)

John Morrison (face) vs Daniel Bryan (heel)

Winner -JoMo in a fabolous match

Post Match - Henry comes th the ring and destroys both men and leaves

Confirmed Matches for Rumble

JWE Title; Punk vs Lesnar

Heavyweight Title; Henry vs JoMo

Divas Tag Titles; Bellas (C) vs Fox and Tamina

The Royal Rumble

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    Orton wont lose to that WSS!!!.make it a disqualification by referee-got-hit mistake......4/10

    Hunico and Camacho should win because heel often win before face triumph....6/10

    Rhodes win!!!!wooohhoooo!!!!!10/10 for hitting his own big bro!!!!

    Morrison wins!!!!checked!!!!10/10

    good post match.

    so far,its cool.good idea.

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