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JWE Tuesday Night NXT Redemption! Rate?

NXT opens with music and titantron

Tag Team Match

McGilliCutty (heel) and Kofi (face) vs Curtis and Truth (face)

Winner - McGilliCutty and Kofi

Rookie vs Rookie

Ryback w/ Regal vs Harris w/ Rhodes

Winner - Ryback

Challenge - Obstacle Course - Winner - Heath Slater

Rookie vs Pro

Christian w/ Slater (heel) vs Eli Cottinwood w/ JoMo

Winner - Christian

Redemption Points

Slater and Christian - 2

Ryback and Regal - 3

McGilliCutty and Kofi- 1

Harris and Rhodes - 1

Curtis and Truth - 1

Cottinwood and JoMo - 0

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    i enjoyed it.

  • fletes
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    4 years ago

    It become exciting, i do no longer think of there become any botches there, it have been given me tuning in to establish what all the Fuss is approximately! in any case, he suggested entire Nonstop action on WWE, Wow, it did no longer look like he owned something nonetheless, he wasn't the guy in TNA whilst he become there, AJ, Daniels, and Joe become, yet nevertheless, humorous and stunning that he suggested TNA! BQ: I even have observed that!

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