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Is this dude trying to pull the born again stuff. One night in jail though has him seeking a bail hearing?

Zimmerman spent his first night in prison in protective custody, where he could be watched at all times. Law enforcement sources told ABC News, the 28 year old "wept quite a bit" at night.

O'Mara suggested that Zimmerman may apologize to Martin's family.

"What I want to happen is for that conversation to occur directly to the family rather than the media through me," O'Mara said.

When asked if he thought Zimmerman would go through with an apology, O'Mara replied, "Yeah, I imagine it would." He did not know when that might happen.

O'Mara spoke with ABC News after Zimmerman made his first appearance in a Florida court today. He spoke once during the session, answering "Yes, sir" when Judge Mark E. Herr asked whether O'Mara was his attorney.

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    It's so typically American, to throw the reborn Christian card for public sympathy, by bleeding heart, tissue twisting religious Americans. It's not hard to forget, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have also done it too.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    hell yea

    lets do the Liberal Robert Byrd thing

    and lynch that SOB

    Hell Yea

    liberals hate the justice system

    because the IGNORANT thug MArtin

    attacked an innocent man who had a gun


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