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who was walter nixon ? (no relation to president nixon) I think was some impeachment case. How did his case impacted us? and could you please give me a summary of his case ? Thanks and please dont tell me to try the wiki, bc I did and I didnt understand.


thank you.

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    Walter Nixon was a federal judge that was found guilty of perjury. The son of his business partner got in trouble with the law and Nixon was asked to help out. Even though the case was before a state court Nixon ask the persecutor who was a friend of his to drop the case and he did. When questioned by the FBI and Justice Dept he denied any involvement whatsoever. He was tried and found guilty of lying to a grand jury. However, Nixon refused to resign and continued to collect his judicial salary while in prison, until he was impeached and removed from office.

    He then appealed his removal in Nixon v the US. But the Supreme Court said it was a political decision and not under the Courts control.

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    Abraham Lincoln suspending Habeas Corpus before the War of Northern Aggression.

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