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Thoughts on this girls name?

Sophia/Sofia Claire Hayden

Hayden is the last name.

BQ: Any suggestions for girls and boys names to go with the last name Blackburn? Maddison Leigh and Gavin Mason are the siblings.


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    I like it! Sophia Claire Hayden! So cute!

    BQ- Boys

    Ethan James, Kyler Matthew, Mason Wyatt, Carter Owen, Zachary Lewis, Elias Jonathan (or Jonathan Elias), Jason Lee, Spencer Wyatt, Ian Michael, Aidan James


    Melissa Joy, Olivia Kay/Ray, Belinda May, Allison Denise, Kaylee Annette, Zoe Renee, Nicole Gabriella, Josephina Renee, Justine Elise, Victoria Anne, Amanda Rose, Olivia Faye

    Hope this helps!

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    LOVE Sophia Claire!

    hmm for Blackburn I'd say the name Brittney Anne Blackburn or Bree Anne Blackburn

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    I like Sophia Claire - its beautiful yet subtle.

    Name suggestion: Harper Adelle Blackburn & Preston Levi Blackburn

    Good Luck!

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    I like the name! I prefer the "Sophia" spelling more though :)

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    go with kiara,its very populer now-a-days,but if want from those two,u can go with sofia..its preety..

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