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Army girlfriend...i have a couple questions?

I've been dating my army boy for 6 months and im developing deep feelings for him, faster then i expected. It seems like you get to know someone better and faster when theres 100s of miles between you. Well he wants to be an airborne ranger, hes finishing airborne school in fort benning next weekend ( will he most likely get a pass since hes graduating early) He goes to rasp and pre ranger training i think then actual ranger school, how much will i hear from him. If at all

He thinks he might be stationed in germany.. What does that mean? Does it mean he wont really ever come home?

I know that dating a guy in the army is extremely difficult and calls for a lot of patience ive learned that pretty quick, and i know i can wait for him, i don't plan on marrying him anytime soon, but i know if i stay with him im gonna end up really loving him so i just want to know what its gonna be like dating a ranger. will i have to move a whole lot if we come to the point where i decide to go wherever he is. And please i dont need to be preached to about how hard it is on a relationship i just need to know being a ranger girlfriend consists of.

Thanks any information will be helpful.

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    I wasn't a Ranger girlfriend, but I was an Army girlfriend for about 3 years.

    My ex (the military had nothing to do with our break-up) and I started dating before he went into the Army, so I was with him through basic, training school, and everything else. I can tell you that the waiting was very hard, but it made the few minutes of talking we did get to have all that more special.

    When he came home from training we got engaged and (though we didn't know it) had about 2 months together before he got his orders to go to overseas to Iraq.

    I lived in a constant state of worry, not knowing if the last phone call I got was going to be the LAST phone call was the worst. There were a few times when we would be in the middle of a phone call and the line would just go dead, or he would just have to rush off with no reason why.

    Looking back at it all now no matter the stress of the relationship, everything was worth it. The time we had together (in person) was fantastic and the time we had apart (while he was in training or overseas) we would joke about being the "appetizer for our main course".

    In my opinion, every relationship is hard, military ones just have that extra stress level added. But to be completely honest - if you really love the person, think you see a future with him/her, and are willing to do the work (whether it's having a Skype date every weekend instead of the real thing, or go to sleep with his tee-shirt instead of him every night) go for it! How many chances are you going to have at being happy, and if for whatever reason it doesn't work out, you have great memories to look back on.

    You are only the person you are because of the experiences you have. I am now the happiest I have every been with my boyfriend, and it's partly because of my failed military relationship. Being in a relationship where you spend most of your time apart teaches you to really truly appreciate when the person is there.

    I hope this answer helped you - good luck and, trust me, it ends up worth it, no matter the outcome


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    first - congratulations in falling for a service man. they deserve far better than our country gives them

    i can't speak for him but in general he will have evenings off except when he is assigned guard duty and maybe kitchen duty. and since we now have computers he should be able to email daily - he probably won't have time to get on the computer during the day. and with another technology, cell phones, he may even be able to call way more often than i could

    i was stationed in germany. during my two year tour of duty there i was able to come home twice. both times for a two week stay. germany is a good duty station, i enjoyed my time there

    it might even be possible for you to join him there. a number of soldiers i served with were married and had their wife and kids with them. some got housing on the base, some off base

    i hope the two of you will be happy together for many years to come

    Source(s): proud vietnam era veteran
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