Black people: What do you think about a black woman or black man who has NEVER dated black?

And they live in a mostly black area

what do you think about black people like that? I've known a few(black men and black women) that were like this.

What do you think about their character? And why do you think they do that? Do they not wish to associate with blacks? Do you think they even consider themselves black?

Like i know Diana Ross use to say she wasnt black. So yes there are some blacks that dont consider themselves black. Oh and Tiger Woods is the same way.


Tiger Woods is blacker than Diana Ross

He is in denial..where is his admixture(his mother is indian(from india) and they are black.. i dont see his admixture at all.

Also notice how some avoided the question lol

Update 2:

LMAO @ Mamba and Nior

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  • 8 years ago
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    I'm black and know many black men who don't want anything to do with black women. Some of the worst racists against black women are black men.

    This is what too many black men complain about.

    Black women are too loud and always ***** to get their way.

    They lie to get their way. They're mean.

    They eat too much while white women watch their weight.

    They don't work out. White women stay in shape.

    They don't care for you unless you give them more than they get. Then they *****.

    White women if she loves you she will care more for her man than herself. I know this isn't true, but too many believe it.

    White women look more pretty. They have nicer legs and figure.

    The black man who believes all that, if he gets educated, moves away from black women.

    There are thousands of OJs and Tigers they just don't get the news.

    Walk in NYC at lunch time. You're see hundreds of successful black business men taking lunch with young white women. Especially if their're blondes. That is social status. We used to call those white women our pink Cadillac.

    How many rich basketball players, football players, don't marry white when they can?

    I sat in chubs in NYC drinking my drink, and watching tables filling up with young white models from Eastern Europe modeling in NYC for the summer. Large tables full of beautiful young blonde women and who sat with them? Buying them drinks. Flirting. Kissing and pawing them at those tables?

    Famous black rappers. Rich rappers, rapping about how much they hate the white man on stage, when they're drinking with white women in chubs that no poor black can get into. So these gangster fakes know they can't be seen by no street kid. And there is never just one, they come in small packs. And they expect always white women. I asked one of them once, why are there no black models sitting with you. He got mad and said...they're paying for the black ***** is ever the best in anything but bitching. He bought me a drink and just told me, no photos and slipped me a 100 dollars like I was his butler. If he would have asked me to park his car I would have stole it.

    They hate whites so much they pay to jump into bed with them. Young black are stupid and believe the wrong blacks about the truth.

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  • I date who I like, my bf is not black... And my mum doesn't really care that's he is fact she was like I want my grand kids to be mixed.

    I live in south London and I am right when all the decent black men are taken, and the ones who show me attention are ghetto and repulsive....I wouldn't last five mins with them.

    There are good black men out there but I just don't attract them even tho I'm a respectable classy black woman.

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  • 8 years ago

    I'm black and I've never dated a black guy. mainly because I live in the suburbs in West London and I was around 0 black people growing up I grew up in a predominantly white comunity and was only really exposed to other black people was when I went to college. Not that I hate black men or dont want to be around them, they were just never in my area and I never really interacted with them.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Don't know about diana ross but tiger woods isn't black. He's seen as black through American societies eyes but genetically he's biracial..

    @ cutie pi- actually his mother is south east asian (not indian) and if your implying that i avoided the questions well your wrong as i've told you that i've dated black women (last gf was black) and i live in a mixed area. Oh and to answer your question i think nothing, trivial sh!t doesn't cross my mind..

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  • 8 years ago

    That is one of the saddest things... to me.

    Especially, amongst black men, sometimes I can understand how some black women don't bother dating black dudes. You know the type that prey on white "gurls" ignorant motherf*kers. Oh and the excuses I hear from some black dudes as to why they won't date lack women are SHOCKINGLY dumb.

    edit: Tiger Woods is mixed, he still a n!gga!!

    Source(s): Tiger Woods, he banged so many white b*tches, he COULD OF AT LEAST banged a black or Asian one.. damn.
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  • 8 years ago

    well Tiger Woods is mixed. I myself am mixed with asian and black. I don't say that I'm asian nor do I say that I'm black...I consider myself mixed. Don't mess with Tiger know i have to stick up for my Blasian (black/asian) kin!

    Anyway...I don't particularly think highly of ppl that only date one type of person. I have dated ppl of every race, ethnicity. I'm am totally an equal opportunity dater. Maybe these ppl just have a preference for non-black. Just like there are some ppl who will only date black people. It's their preference.

    EDIT: a good example is Little Wayne...he openly admits that he prefers to date women who are light skinned. I don't like that. It's rude and just ignorant.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It's none of my business who other black people date

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  • 8 years ago

    Tiger Woods is NOT Indian -- he is Thai -- and what's up with people judging his romantic interests? We should be glad that there weren't black whores sleeping with him...

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  • 8 years ago

    I don't see what the problem is. You aren't a racist just because you choose to date outside of your race. You cannot help who you are attracted to. Interracial dating has nothing to do with character. Racism is hatred or discrimination against a race. It has nothing to do with who you are attracted to and who you choose to date.

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  • They just need to stop having kids PERIOD.

    Diana Ross is a black ***** and tiger woods is a HALF BREED AND UGLY.

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