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How much percent of Nazi Germany's army was killed by the Soviets?


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    German Military Deaths: 5,530,000; ref:

    .. Eastern Front Deaths: 4,300,000; ref:

    . . . . . . . . . Percentage: 78%

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    Germany had about 12.5 million of its people serve in some branch of the country's armed forces. Of those, an estimated 5.3 million were either killed in battle or died in captivity.

    About 80 percent of the casualties suffered by the Germans during the war were sustained on the Eastern Front, virtually all of them fighting against the USSR.

    80 percent of 5.3 million dead would be 4,240,000 killed.

    That's just a rough estimate, but it's probably pretty close to the real figure. It might be slightly higher than that, since German troops were more likely to surrender to the Western Allies, knowing they would be treated better than by the Soviets.

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    I have Heard a figure of 80 %

    Found this

    The war fought between Germany and the Soviet Union became the most dramatic and costly battlefront of World War II. The area was vast—extending for 1,490 miles (2,400 kilometres). The human cost was high as well: Germany lost an estimated 3.5 million lives, battle casualties or prisoners of war. But Germany felt the costs were justified in order to provide Lebensraum—living space for Germans, which was to be located in Eastern Europe and the USSR. Hitler envisioned an easy six-week campaign to conquer the Soviet Union. Instead, it turned into four years of bloodshed and misery. Germany was slowly defeated while the Soviet Union rebuilt itself. Unlike in other war theatres where air power was used for its own military campaigns apart from ground troops, air power on the Eastern Front was used mainly to support ground operations, making it echo the movements and fortunes of the armies.

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    I couldn't tell you the exact number, but, it is far higher than what the Western Allies managed.

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