2001 camaro 20x8.5 rims making grinding noise.?

i have a 2001 camaro with 20x8.5 rims and it makes a grinding noise when i turn and some times when im just driving straight, so i was wondering if i need to get a smaller size like 18'' or a skinnier width?

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  • 8 years ago
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    18" would look better. The largest diameter on it should never be greater than 19".

    That being said the 20" will fit if you have the proper offset and correct size tire. You said your wheels were 8.5" wide so below is the proper widths of tires for your size wheel and the proper offsets for the wheel. The sidewall of your tire should be near nonexistent in order to fit without scrubbing.


    Wheel Fitments

    The numbers in the columns are as follows:

    WIDTH ..... OFFSET ......... WIDTH OF TIRE

    Front and Rear

    8.5" ..... +38 to +45 mm .... 235, 245, 255



    You may be able to use the BFM mod and give yourself more clearance but I believe you have either the wrong offset and tire combo and it'll take more than that.

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  • 8 years ago

    They could be rubbing on your brake calipers if the wheels don't have the correct backspacing. When turning it could be the tires rubbing on the inner fender well. Look for rubbing or contact areas.

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