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Help!! My hamster is under the floorboards!!?

My hamster has escaped under the floorboards for about 30 minutes xx It is only a small hole and i can't fit any ladders or cages down there! I can't even fit my hand xx I have put some banana down there xx but i don't know how i will get it out.. Please Help me xx :(


I can't pull the floorboards up because my friends are coming over soon and i won't have time :/

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    Try and bait it up with food, if you can see it try and put something down it can cling on to and pull it up. I really think pulling up floorboards is more important than making your friends wait a while.

    I really really hope your hamster is okay.

    Source(s): Once my hamster got stuck in the bottom floor of an aquarium for two days without food, scary scary stuff.
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    Okay what ever you do dont panic! if you can fit your hand down you can fit a ladder so it can climb up to get out and if it does do this: get a bucket and put something under it so its tilted and put ladders going up and its favorite treat in the bucket and its should slide down and cant get back up but make sure its tilted enough, but not to much.

    Or you could just leave the ladders and hopefully wait till it comes up and you see it.

    Or leave the ladders and go down the shops and buy a hamster trap if the bucket dont work but make sure its not one that kills it!

    Or pull the floorboards up when your friends have gone, or if the hamster is important do i while they are there, they an help you catch it!

    Or the last solution is the RSPCA or any animal rescue places near you.


    Source(s): Got hamsters all of the solution have worked! COME ON if you can fit your hand down there you can fit a small ladder or something it can clib on to get out! xxxxxxxxx
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    my hamster did the same thing a while back.

    first, just calm down :) if she can get down there, she is more than likely to get back up. if the distance from the floorboard and the floor beneath the floorboard to small enough to pull herself out, then just put a bowl of food outside the hole and put her cage next to it. she will just climb right back in when she sees home.

    if the distance is too high for her to climb out, you have to pull up the floorboard or make the hole bigger if you have the equipment. if you dont want to do that, call the RSPCA. your hamster should be more important than your friends. maybe they will have some ideas and help you catch her?

    i defiantly recommend calling the RSPCA if she has no way of getting out by herself.

    good luck finding your hammie :)

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    8 years ago

    Ripping up the floorboards is more important than your friends opinion about the floor. I am sure your friends will understand totally! If anything, tell them to come a little later. So far though, you did the right thing. Put some snacks down there to keep them busy and staying in the same spot they were in. Also, keep an eye on your hammie to make sure he stays safe! Good luck to you and your little friend!

    Source(s): Owner of small animals
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    8 years ago

    My hamster did this exact same a few weeks ago:/ It was upsetting because i didn't know whether she'd come back...but, you need to calm down first. Soon your hamster will get hungry and thirsty, they can't last that long without food and water. Angle it's cage so she could perhaps climb into it if it comes back up. The sent of itself and home should draw your hamster back into the cage. Place a few treats leading towards the cage, trying to lure it in. Just keep watch for a while, but don't shine any torches or anything, nor make noise. You don't want to scare it from coming back up.

    Good luck, hope you find your hamster.

    Source(s): My hamster did the exact same thing, she came back. This is exactly what I did.
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    Stay Calm, And Dont panic!

    If She go into there by Herself, She should Be able to Get out Herself.

    Maybe You can use a treat as a Bait?

    Check if There is not any other Holes or Gaps, or ways She can escape through without you Knowing.

    Maybe You Should pull up the Floor Boards, Its more Important than your friends waiting a bit! ;P

    I Hope i Helped! and i hope he/she is safe, and you can get her/him out Asap!!! ;o

    If You cant get him/her out, you should ring up someone who can help?

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    you could try putting its favourite treats or food on top of the floor boards by the hole so that you are tempting it out, once its out pick it up and put it in its cage, if this doesnt work pull the floorboards up, make you friends wait...and if this doesnt work then call the RSPCA:-)!

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    Are you stupid? You will risk you're hamsters life because you have friends coming over! Rip the effing floor boards up.. You shouldn't have animals

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Pull the floor boards up, if not call the RSPCA to help x

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