Did decline of Buddhism in India cause its decline in China?

Buddhism spread to China from India via the Silk Route trade, but it declined sharply in India around 600 A.D. and the Islamic invasion of India annihilated Buddhism because Muslim invaders destroyed the biggest and oldest Buddhist universities like Nalanda, Vikramshila, Odantapuri, Jagaddala etc, beheading thousands of monks and the library in Nalanda burnt for weeks. Islamic invader Ikhtiyar ud din Muhammad bin Bakhtiyar Khilji asked if there was a Quran in the Nalanda University before destroying it. Buddhism was thus annihilated and utterly wiped out from India.

Buddhism continued to exist in China but declined in influence around the same time. Did its decline in India cause the decline of Buddhism in China?

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    China had a decline of Buddhism in China around 600A.D. but it was because the emperor of the Zhou Dynasty intended to maintenance his ruling.

    The ruling of the emperor is the biggest factor of the rising and the falling of Buddhism in China. When the Buddhism become a obstacle to the ruling, the emperor will often make critical politics towards Buddhism. However if the emperor is in favor of Buddhism, for example the famous female emperor Wu Zetian of Tang Dynasty, the Buddhism will develop very quickly in that pried of time.

    PS: Forgive my poor English, I am from China~. For more accurate information, I'd like you to refer to history books.

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    NO,just because cultural invasion.

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