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JWE Smackdown Episode 1! Rate?

Smackdown opens with GM Teddy Long coming out to welcome us to the first episode of Smackdown. He says "Like RAW, we will have an 8 man tournament for the Heavyweight Title". Teddys music hits as he heads to the back.

Match 1) Singles Match (Winner advances to Round 2)

Randy Orton vs Kane

Winner - Randy Orton

Match 2) Singles (Winner advances to Round 2)

Mark Henry (heel) vs Big Show (face)

Winner - Henry via a Worlds Strongest Slam

Match 3) Singles (Winner advances to Round 2)

Daniel Bryan (Heel) vs Sheamus (face)

Winner - D Bry wins via Count Out

Match 4) 10 Man Battle Royal (winner advances to Round 2)

JoMo vs Sheamus vs Big Show vs Kane vs Barretta vs Tatsu vs Mahal vs Jackson vs Hunico vs Camacho

Winner - JoMo by last eliminating Sheamus

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