Does the Quran say anything about the things that are happening in the World today *video*?

I just wanted to know please watch the video and give me your opinion or relations from the Quran if there are any that state things like this are going to happen. Could this mean days closer to the Dajjal ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You're getting paranoid for no reason. Videos like this are meant to make people paranoid. Strange things happen all the time. But no, the Holy Quran mentions even more significant things than this happening. The Holy Quran is concerned with everyone's spiritual well-being. This life and this world are meaningless, it is worth less to Allah than a dead rotting corpse of an animal is to a man that lies somewhere in the wilderness.

    As for the Dajjal he is already in the world. Commentators like Qurtubi and Ibn Hajar agree that Dajjal refers to a group of people since they've interpreted 'mankind' in verse 40:57 to mean the Dajjal. Verses 18:1-10 refers to the Christians, who commit the worst lies in the name of God ever done (19:88-92). The Dajjal refers to the latter-day Christians who have spread all over the world, used deceptive techniques to convert people to their religion - especially with respect to Muslims - and used technology to their advantage in spreading their message. There are some things to ponder:

    -the Christians made poor people convert by giving them bread and water in exchange for conversion, otherwise they leave them be in their poor state - so they are accompanied with mountains of bread and rivers of water

    -the Christians spread everywhere in the world through European empires and created bloodshed everywhere they went - not sparing a single city except Mecca and Medina which they cannot penetrate

    -The Christians have threatened people who do not convert that they will go to hell, otherwise if they accept Jesus then they go to heaven

    -The Christians have used various techniques to create doubts for Muslims about Islam, where they attack the Holy Prophet (saw), women and their hijabs, propagate false images of Islam through media, books, and speeches, and they make it seem as if Islam is a religion of violence

    -the Christians claim that they believe in one God, but they are so clearly kafirs that it is as if it is written on their foreheads - and this is due to their claim that trinity means monotheism, while all Muslims know that it not the case

    -the Christians have no understanding of spirituality as they use music and dancing in their churches for worship, and they only look at their texts literally, so they are one-eyed in that they are blind in their spiritual eye and only have the worldly eye where they are attached to this life

    -the Christians are bent upon world domination and subject the Muslims to live in poverty by taking resources from their countries and from all the rest of the countries of the world, and they go to the deserts of the Muslim countries and use those resources to benefit themselves

    -the Christians have a false religion where they believe salvation is only in Jesus and that all sin is purified in him, while this allows all sorts of licentiousness and sin that now the countries with majority of Christians have the worst morals where they even now consider legalizing prostitution

    -Among this, there are many more but they take a lot of time to write down.

    Hope this helps

    Source(s): Quran
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    8 years ago

    I don't think this days mean closer to dajjal. still 2000 years to go so then the hour will start. any way's what is happening in our day's there are hadith it's a sing of end of the world.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    The hadiths say a lot not sure about Quran.

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