What should I do post graduation?

I will be graduating from UNC - Chapel Hill next spring and am suddenly faced with the reality that I have to go out into the world. I have always wanted to go to law school then work for the government.

Now that I am at this crossroad I am wondering what I should do. I don't actually want to be a lawyer, but have always thought that law would be a good base to jump off to work for the government.

I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on what I should do. My options so far are:

- Take time off and apply to the Peace Corps

- Go to law school

- Go to grad school in something that will prepare me to get a job with the government


I am a Peace, War and Defense (a kind of glorified Poli Sci/Public Policy/Military Warfare/History combo) and History double with a minor in Environmental Studies.

I want to work for the State Department (preferably in the Civil Service).

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    9 years ago
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    So getting a job isn't an option?

    What kind of work do you want to do for the government, and which government are we talking about? There's at least city, county, state and federal.

    You don't mention what you want to do, really, to know if law school is even a smart option. There are LOTS of jobs with the federal government, for example, that law school would be a complete waste of time for. Courier, fire fighter and public affairs are just three fields that spring to mind, but there are hundreds that could illustrate just how much a waste of three years law school could be.

    Ditto for grad school. You don't indicate in any way what you want to do with this extra education, so it's kind of tough to suggest it's a smart idea. It could just be a boatload more of debt. That's never smart.

    Peace Corps is a possibility, but again, you don't mention your skills or education. By virtue of having a degree, you'd qualify to apply, but since you don't hint at your goals, it would be reckless to just suggest something. (But since the application process takes about a year, now would be a good time to apply. And remember, only 1 in 3 who applies makes it to service.)

    It's certainly fine that you don't know where to steer your rudder just yet. It sounds like it might behoove you to simply start looking for a job in your field. For all three of the paths you mention, the gatekeepers are far more impressed with people who have real world experience. The average Peace Corps volunteer, for example, is 28.

    If you're like most college graduates, you will have plenty of loans to start paying back. It might be a wise idea to take a job in the workforce for a few years BEFORE re-analyzing what your next educational step is, especially since you don't appear by your post to have a goal beyond "work for the government."

    Source(s): RPCV 07-09 took the LSAT, also didn't want to be a lawyer so I skipped it grad school, but not law federal job applicant
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