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Scenario 4: Danny Woodhead?

You're Danny Woodhead. You're having a suprisingly good running game against the Ravens defense, and you're beginning to get a little cocky. You notice Terrell Suggs right infront of you, and you know that Tom Brady is going to hand you the ball again to get this 1st down. He hikes it, gives it off to you, and you break through the line with ease. Nothing, right? Wrong. Suggs quickly shows up and bodies your a$$ to the ground. You don't fumble, you get the first down, but now you're pretty hurt. You're still on the floor, holding your waist. Suggs looks at you, and you hear him call you a "little b*tch". You also hear him say "wait til the next run. It'll hurt even more". Now in your mind, you have the belief of not thaking sh*t from anyone. But it hurts. And you fear him slamming you again (and harder) the next time you try to run. You decide to.......

A: Get up and run the ball in his direction again

B: Get up and run the ball avoiding his area

C: Get up and ask for a play action pass

D: Stay down and fake an injury


@Jamie- well let's just say that Woodhead put Suggs at his boiling point with the *********.

Update 2:

@Green 18- LOL at Danny Wood!

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    C. If Woodhead sells the fake properly, then Gronkowski or Welker are bound to be open, and Suggs and Willis will be wrapping up the run, so that would be a decent solution. If he takes the ball again, we're going to be calling him Danny Wood, because Terrell Suggs will knock his f*cking head off. Or go for the end around with Aaron Hernandez running in Suggs direction. Hernandez isnt 5'7 and will probably embarrass Suggs by breaking his tackle. Then after the game get Uncle Mankins and Uncle Wilfork to have a friendly 'chat' with Suggs. I'm pretty sure that'll adjust his attitude.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    E. I fake a career ending injury, leave the stadium on a stretcher, and bang my hot supermodel wife the next day.

    I make a surprise return from the IR when the Panthers visit Gillette Stadium, and fumble the ball on purpose.

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  • Levi
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    8 years ago

    I'm gonna be the wannabe tough guy dick and say A.

    The only way he's gonna learn the lesson to quit with the **** is when Logan Mankins buries his *** into the turf.

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  • 8 years ago

    T Sizzle doesnt cuss

    considering woodhead is a b*tch, he would choose D

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  • 8 years ago

    C) ask for a play action pass so you can chuck his azz and hopefully knock him off balance and talk smack to him.

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