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I'm thinking Abby Lee Dance Company?

I have two questions.

1. To be part of Abby Lee Dance Company do I have to audition?

2. Tuition. How much does it cost?



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    I don't know all the details for trying out for this company, but Dance Moms is one of my favorite shows. Of course you have to try out and it's hard to get in (and stay in once you are in). I'm sure that tuition rates are expensive, but you'd probably have to either contact or look on the website in order to audition and see other info. I would also advise that you make sure you are the right height, age, etc. based off of the auditions on the show. If you are looking to audition, then GOOD LUCK

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  • rooks
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    4 years ago

    Abby Lee Dance Company Auditions

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    She has a web page that announces their audition dates, just google abby lee dance co. Reign dance productions and give them a call... they have auditions for their competition team or company. If you call I am sure Melissa can give you the low down on tuition costs! :) good luck fellow dance moms fan :)

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