Has Gambit left X- Men legacy?

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    8 years ago
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    X-Men: The End

    In this version, he is married to Rogue, and they have two children, a son (Olivier) and a daughter (Rebecca "Becca").

    In the miniseries X-Men: The End: Heroes and Martyrs, Gambit was revealed to be the clone of Mister Sinister, created from Sinister's own pre-mutated DNA. Sinister wished to destroy his master, Apocalypse, and to do so he needed a body that had not been subject to Apocalypse's altering. He then engineered mutant powers for the clone, using the DNA of Cyclops. This technically makes him the third Summers brother; in that alternate reality. However, Apocalypse learned of Sinister's plan and had the child stolen and left it in the care of the Thieves Guild.

    It was originally believed that Gambit died in the series The End disguised as Sinister and trying to defeat the Shi'ar. However, in GeNEXT, a series about the children of the X-Men, Olivier talks about how he and his father (Gambit) have not really made contact since his mother (Rogue) died and that Gambit didn't have the heart to continue on as an X-Man. They only communicate through Rebecca.

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