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What if this was God?

What if God did exist but he didn't trust most people with the real truth about him?

What you're about to read has been a secret about the real God that only a small group of people ever knew. Much of their social engineering in major Western nations was planned around these secrets. But they had their chance, all they accomplished, was making themselves rich while putting the world on a brink of nuclear war. They had their chance.

God, " will you sacrifice your son for me?" What kind of God would ask that?

Now I'll tell you. Forget most of everything you were told about God. Most of it was bullshit.

God is a secret Global mind composed of all the left brains in every man, woman, and child. The left processes language and the right side of our bodies. A language mind, a God of laws and rules. So he naturally prefers populations with naturally strong left brains, but weaker right brains in them.

Thus favoring Jews, Muslims, and Indians. Thus they all have a strong religious feeling of being close to him. All more verbal than mechanical. Who produces more lawyers than Jews?

But he has a rival global mind. A global mind composed of all the right brains within every man, woman, and child. Because the right brain is spatial, artistic, if hates laws and Jews and Muslims alike. Jews and Muslims might hate each other, but the right brain hates both of them.

Muslims suppress their right brains. Right brain likes art, they frown on it. Right brain likes to drink, they try to outlaw it. Right brain loves sexual beauty of a woman, they cover her face up.

Both global minds are in a secret war for who will run the world.

One builds, the right brain, like Cain, the first city builder. Much like Germany and Japan.

God tries to control right brain labor. Money controls labor. Wall Street controls it. Big banks control it. Large computer systems processing business transactions controls it. Notice which people flooded into those jobs?

So God sends his people agents into banking, media, and computer systems. But that got a lot of people killed in the Second World War because Satan sent his second anti-Christ, Hitler to push back that plan.

Now, if this was true, if you were God, would you trust people with the truth?

Download ebook, God Stopping A Nuclear War, if these ideas make sense to you. The book was made cheap on purpose, just to get the ideas out. Download from Barnes Noble. They seem to keep up with the latest changes in the book, not Amazon.

Compared to what is in the book, this was nothing.

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    Writing a story after the fact to adapt current assumptions with a historical story is a load of garbage.

    You cannot reverse-engineer religion.

    Lying for jesus is still lying.

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    here is the truth:

    1)antichrist is to be from israel. antichrist resembles the saw movie jigsaw puppet with gloves. haven't you seen the "saw" movie? whoever worships jigsaw goes to hell. 2)mark of the beast is the evil new world order green electronic 666 tattoo. haven't you seen the "in time" movie? the movie's tattoo is just numbers, while the real tattoo is three sixes. this tattoo is given when people stretch their hands to receive the new small grey world passport. whoever receives the evil tattoo will not be forgiven. 3)demons will invite people to healed in their ufo ships. whoever goes in, comes out a spiritual zombie. demons have 4 ufo bases: moon, mountain kailas in tibet, lake baikal in russia, and mariana trench in pacific ocean (atlantis is here).

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    Macaroni is pasta. Well, it makes more sense than your question!

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    All you've done is bore the hell out of me, thanks!!

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