We need affordable health care...so why are hospitals so lavish and extravagantly fancy?

I don't have insurance, and neither does my husband because we can't afford $600 month premiums for insurance that doesn't even KICK IN until you pay $5000 out of pocket! But it is really hard to sit and listen to everyone complaining about the EXPLODING cost of hospitals these days with all the hospitals in my area that are constantly renovating and competing to be the most "lavish" or fancy or architecturally beautiful when what people really need are just some common sense medical care from good doctors who will take a few minutes to listen to them. For Example, I recently visited a friend who was in a local hospital in my area that has "expanded" to include the following...A boardwalk with HUNDREDS of exclusive shops (required a trolly inside it was so huge!), marble fountains and floors and glass elevators and railings, live TV shows in their own Greenhouses and celebrity kitchens, multiple conference centers complete with reflecting pools, grand pianos and atriums with full size trees indoors, a pediatric wing that was bult to look like a giant tree house, complete with Tree shaped doors, private rooms with twenty foot long leather couches that curve along the wall for visiting relatives, 72 inch plasma TV's in the room along with Xbox, and complete cable/internet access, Floor to ceiling bay windows for a panoramic view of the gardens and lakes on the property. Now my friend could NEVER have afforded to stay in a hotel this nice, and couldn't pay for health coverage either. Thank God she qualifies for to be insured thru a medicaid program that covers this...but who is paying for all this excessive stuff? The taxpayers in the United States. I can't help but think that she could get really good care at a reasonable cost at a less fancy hospital...but who is going to tell the hospital where it spends it's money if someone is willing to say its "necessary" to have an UBER fancy hospital in order to give our citizens "modern up to date medical care"?


Here is a link to the hospital if you think I am exaggerating.....


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  • 9 years ago
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    And the hospital allowing shops to be built inside it is doing it to lose money? I somehow think it's much more likely they're doing it to generate revenue that will help pay their operating costs.

  • Nice rant.

    It might be finally sinking in that healthcare is only for the wealthy or upper middle class...along with a decent education and a paycheck that will take care of all that.

  • 9 years ago

    Psychology takes a big part in therapy..so a nice enviroment is beneficial to patients.I don't agree with built in shops though.

  • Emuman
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    9 years ago

    Wow insurance you are supposed to have sucks... but trust me, not every hospital is like that

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  • John
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    9 years ago

    Price fixing. The GOP won't allow it to change.

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