Money War Ending, War of Money Ending, Money's Warfare Ending?

Money War Ending

-Ju Hee Narrating-

The dog is barking very loud alarming Jae Soo(Na Ra's friend).

He then ran nervously making me uncomfortable and scared then came back shouting for help. I ran with a goose bump on my body and my heart is pumping so fast. I am very scared at that time and kept thinking that nothing bad will happen to Na Ra.

I saw Na Ra lying with blood on his head. I cried as I see him there making my heart stops and makes it difficult for me to breathe.

We rushed him at the hospital and it crushed my heart seeing him on his condition blaming God why a good guy has to suffer that way.

I hold Nara's hand as I confessed my love telling him not to leave me alone because I am scared then suddenly he holds it tightly with tears dropped on his eyes. A continues beep sound floats in the air. I grasp for air as I heard that sound, it felt like an end is coming near. I called for help as I ran crying.

The doctor sent me outside as they tried to revive Nara. His sister hugs me as she cried and told me to fight and believed everything will be fine.

As the doctor told the bad news, I ran to Na Ra and hugged him as I cry until I slept.

The next day, Dad is knocking at the door and waking me up. I thanked dad for waking me up ending my bad dream. Dad looked me in the eye with a serious face telling me that Nara is dead. It shattered my heart and breaks into pieces knowing that my dream is a sad truth.

I ran outside fast as I could and I find my self at the bridge. I shout for his name and why does he left me alone.

Juhee: Why have you left me alone? I can’t live without you by my side, I really liked you! I still want to see how you smile one sided, how you wink your narrow eyes and I want to wash your dirty clothes everyday (smiling). But you are unfair. Why do you left me on my own?

I decided to jump to the river to end my life and follow Nara but before I jump, a group of Crane interfered that flew away to the sky from under the bridge that makes my attempt to stop. I suddenly remembered Nara, It flashbacks Na Ra hiding my 50 cents coin under his feet. I felt a sudden relief, it felt that Nara is always here protecting me, I know that it is a sign from him maybe he wants me to continue living my life.

-Ten years later-

Little Nara: Mom, mom

Hyun-Jung[Ju hee’s BestFriend]: Hey Ju hee your son is here

Little Nara: Mom I wrote a letter to you.

Juhee: Wow can you read it?

Little Nara: Dear mom, thank you for being a good mom to me. You are the best mom in the world and I will never leave you alone. I will continue to try to make you happy when at times you are thinking and crying. I love you mom and thank you!

-Ju Hee Narrating-

Ten Years have passed, I didn’t find another man I could not replace Nara in my heart. I have just decided to adopt a son and name after him. I know Nara is happy for me now. I am now slowly moving on but I know that I will never forget his presence.


Jae Soo(Na Ra's friend) decided to continue to run the Dong Po lending business with a low interest. He said that he will continue what Na Ra started. To help how our ancestors and how they gracefully accept help to those who are in need.

Ko Cheol(Na Ra’s Teacher) died after 6 months from Na Ra’s death from cancer. His assets were donated to the poor people on Chansu’s Village he started.

Rumor said that Dong Po hid from the authority for almost a year but his conscience haunted him resulting him to go crazy.

Woo Sung went to Ko Cheol’s grave and asked for forgiveness. He also started a small time lending business as he runs from the loan sharks where he borrowed his seed money.

Eun-Ji(Na Ra’s Sister) and his husband have started a small time restaurant from the money they saved and are living a simple life with their 2 children.

Eun-Ji told me that Lee Cha Yeon(Na Ra’s ExGF) is happily married on her husband who is an art collector and a businessman after she went abroad to study and start a new life with her grand mother.

I heard from Jae Soo that Ms. Jo found out that her boyfriend was using her for money leaving her nothing. Ms. Jo is now working as an entertainer in a karaoke bar.

Dong Goo(Gangster) decides to live a decent life, he works hard everyday as a carpenter, driver, etc. just to make a living.

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