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what is everything you know about one direction?

i love this band!! mostly louis, and i want to know everything i can about them! tell me everything!

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    I'm a HUGE fan! Okay so they started on The X Factor Show as individual singers but they were not qualified for the boys category so they were put together as a band instead. They got famous and all that. Members are: Harold Edward Styles (Harry) (18 years old) from Cheshire, England, Louis William Tomlinson (20 years old, i think) from Doncaster, Zayn Jawaad Malik (19 years old) from Bradford, Niall James Horan (19 years old) from Ireland and Liam James Payne (18 or 19 years old, not sure) from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England. They're all British except from Niall who is Irish. Zayn's Muslim by the way. He has 4 tattoos, a yin yang on his left wrist, an Arabic writing of his grand dad's name on his chest, Japanese writing on his stomach and a writing that says "Be true to who you are" on his collarbone. Harry said his worst habit is getting naked all the time. There was this one time when Liam said that he was only wearing a blanket on a plane. Oh, and he loves Louis ;) Louis for me, is the funniest guy in the band. You should watch their video diaries to see for yourself :) He has a girlfriend, Eleanor Calder i think. Niall has the cutest accent! His half eaten vegemite toast that was offered to him at Sunrise was sold on eBay for $99,999. Liam has a girlfriend, Danielle. He joined the x factor show 2 years before but he got eliminated. So there. You should check out! It's awesome!

    So they're on tour right now in Australia and they went swimming somewhere.. Last tuesday, Zayn and Louis escaped from their hotel without security so they ended up getting lost, being chased by fans, and climbing a roof or a wall. But Paul found them so no worries :D Then recently, Zayn and Harry went clubbing at The Scary Canary. And i think they're at some beach right now, i don't know what its called.

    This is not everything i know cuz it will probably take a whole day for me to write about them. If you wanna know more you can read about them on wikipedia and watch some interviews on youtube. Hope this helps :)

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    So far I haven't read one right answer, so here you go! Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan all tried out as individuals on the X Factor in 2010. None of them had every met before. Sadly, none of them made the cut as individuals, but they were put together as a group by Simon Cowell! Yay!! One Direction was formed!! While they were on the X Factor, they made 10 weekly video diaries. They finished in third place on the X Factor and made their first album Up All Night in late 2011. They recently appeared on the Nickelodeon TV show iCarly. None if them are gay, they just have a strong bromance. Harry, Zayn, Louis, and Liam are from the UK and Niall is from Ireland. This is only a little of what I know about them but I don't feel like typeing anymore and it's more info than anyone else has given anyway. I love One Direction too!

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    Okay if you just joined the One Direction fandom here is what you need to know Niall likes Nandos(food place) Niall is Irish Niall is the funny one Zayn is vain Zayn is dating Zayn is British Liam is the smart one Liam is afraid of spoons Liam is dating Harry is the flirt Harry has four nipples Harry is British Louis is the leader Louis is very loud Louis likes girls who eat carrots One Direction were formed in the UK X factor One Direction were on iCarly One Direction What Makes you beautiful was performed on glee One Direction were on Saturday Night Live One Direction were on the Olympics If you want to search on YouTube One Direction facts or watch One Direction video diaries week____ ❤Amyee❤

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    I know they suck and that they're a money making object from the evil mind of Simon Cowell, of the cancer that is the X Factor.

    Made purely to suck the pennies from stupid suburban teenage girls who's parents never exposed them to good music so they don't know any better.

    Sad really.

    They're unoriginal and their voices are mediocre, they sing songs that were written for them because they possess no true talent whatsoever.

    They also really suck and will be forgotten in 5 years, girls only like them because they think they're 'cute'.

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    Theyre a boy band from UK.

    5 teenage boys.

    They sing that song what makes you beautiful?

    At lease that's what I was told.

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    Hmm all I know is that they're from Europe, are famous, are singers & some of their songs lol. I can't even name the boys tho..

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    They are all from Europe except harry who is from north ireland

    they came to fame from the x factor

    there names ye zayne naflik, niall blah bah blah]they are gay

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    Theyre as straight as a rainbow

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    Zilch. Wait, no... I know one thing: no one will remember them in fifty years.

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    They are a death metal band from Norway

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