"Who will live to tell the legend of Cristiano Ronaldo?"?

....is what the commentator said after the game. Truly inspirational performance from him. I honestly can't think of words to describe how much of a revelation he has been at Real Madrid. If it wasn't for his lack of team trophies - he'd be easily matching the likes of Di Stefano stride for stride or maybe surpassed them. On an individual basis- he is definitely on their level and beyond. Chelsea wanted to put a £140 million bid for him and Higuain but they'd need to most certainly triple that for Ronaldo to even blink! Once a generation player.

BQ: Should Madrid erect a statue of him in a few years time?

BQ2: How much longer will he be at his peak? Maybe another 4-5 years of world-cass football will come from him considering how good he is now and his athleticism. Doctors have said he hast the ability to play till he's 38 due to his fitness.


@ New Zlatan: And how wasn't tonight a big high pressure game??" Madrid HAD to win to keep the title challenge realistically alive after sunday's result and they were playing a stubborn and insppired atletico side. Had it not been for him..it could have been a different result.

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    For sure someone would live to testify there was a man who set foot to Real Madrid and changed things around there. I wish Barca fans can see how talented this footballer named Cristiano Is.

    BQ: Ah... If he wont mind it then they can make a statue of him.

    BQ2: I havent seen a footballer who care that much about his body fitness as Cristiano, For sure he can be like this untill he hits 34 or 35 years of age.

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    BQ: Why not, he's one of their most prolific scorers in club history.

    BQ2: Ronaldo will be in the elite physically well into his 30's, he's just too well conditioned at this age. He will obviously lose SOME pace, all players do, but I've never seen a footballer in his type of shape in their 20s. I'd say early 30's he'll slow down a bit but still burn 90-95% of defenders on the pitch

  • Hopefully I will.

    BQ: Win a CL and yes

    BQ2: Like I said before, Ronaldo seems to be the Zidane type of player--he will keep improving and maturing well into his 30's and he will retire with grace.

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    Too bad he sucks in big, high pressure games.

    Edit: the pressure on RM was high before and during the game but I wouldn't call it a " big game " since it was against At. Madrid, that team would have found a way to lose the game even if RM plays with their B team.

    Anyway, I don't want to take anything away from his performance last night, he was brilliant and his goals were superb.

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    His grand children...

    BQ: lol, you said erect. If he wins them a proper clásico which will win the league/CL then yes they probably should.

    BQ2: Most players do play till 38 lmao... He will start to decline at 29/30 but will still be a great player.

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    Cristiano Ronaldo


    You may pick only one

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    Real Madrid fans

    BQ: No way , there have been better players than Cristiano in Real Madrid's history.

    BQ2: If this is his peak than he's not so great , in football history i see him being average ...

  • At this point in time,with no disrespect,i believe that ronaldo should be in the best starting 11 in history.He is just impressive to watch.few players impress me but he does things that just shine.it is hard to criticize him.

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    I've never heard someone say that before, it's all about being thankful to live watching a team as talented as Barcelona and a player as spectacular as Messi.


  • back to back 40 goal hauls, it's incredible, he should be AT LEAST 2nd in WPoY voting unless everyone f*cks up again like in 2010

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